Monday, October 08, 2007

A few more days


Time always seems to slow down during finals... hahaha

I just went through my Philo orals, not really A material but good enough for me to secure that B in the final grade. Getting a B+ however requires some eggs to be offered and chickens to be sacrificed. I hope Sir Soh takes into account the fact that I always have things to discuss with him after the lessons... It's such a waste to have those uncredited towards recitation...

Regardless, I really screwed things over. I bombed the second LT. I'm not saying I studied, I'm not saying I didn't study either... Hay... I really need to fix my study habits. Just a while ago, two hours before my orals I finally printed out all the notes for the thesis questions. Then an hour before my orals, I did the actual studying (you gotta eat something to survive!!!)

Crazy. Just crazy...

Now I only have the pitch for Strat Plan, History finals, final group paper for Comm Res, and my resume for Copywriting (this is killing me... I have no idea what to do...)

The week is long :D

I'm pretty happy with my performance in the last Copywriting class though. We discussed radio ads and as a sort of test we were asked to write a radio ad in the span of an hour.

I did four.

I was asked to read my work out to the class.


Well after screwing up the previous requirements/churning out mediocre work, this really really qualifies something about my skills as an ad man.

Let's hope this really is the industry for me.


It was the first time I had used so much power in a deck hahaha. It felt good :D And my opponents were no less the top contenders of their respective teams. The swiss saw me duking it out with Payabyab, then Cheng, then Mike Juan in order before i got to draw into the top 8. Where Cheng unmercifully beat me... Merchant Scrolls should be restricted I tell you!!! hahaha

Regardless that day was pretty gratifying.

One sad thing to note was the fact that Cheng was considering liquidating/quitting already. It's really sad how quality players are quitting left and right. Just recently Lauren had announced his "retirement", then when I speak to David he says he's thinking about doing the same thing. And now Cheng will be gone as well. That's three of TX's heavyweights gone. Compound the fact that my teammates have also decided to quit, it's rather depressing. Regardless, the vintage community doesn't suffer losses in terms of quantity. Team Budget (rather Big Budget) is showing up in great numbers. It's almost scary, almost half of the people who joined in the tourney were from budget!

Oh well, we'll see where the road leads me.. I'm praying my drains arrive soon...

If that fucking bastard rips me off, I am going to get Jaundice to hunt him down. Karma bites. Hard.

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