Monday, April 23, 2007

Bye Bye Drains

Um yeah...Just having some withdrawal symptoms...

Well at least I know they're in good hands...

Thinking about playing less vintage.

Monday, April 16, 2007

The past few days

I love dog.

Yes that is grammatically correct, in some sense. I love Cha-cha, Ms. Joy Alano's dog :D
I never liked dogs, well most probably the people associated with the dogs but still. I liked this one, let's see if I can steal a picture one of these days. LOL cute and cuddly! It kept gnawing at my hands and covering me with dog slobber though but it was fun!

Any schedule conflicts over the summer?
Free...I'm so pathetic

So I'm bumming! I'm watching DVDs, playing the piano and violin (hopefully), mastering photoshop, cleaning my room (in progress), reading tons of books, cooking, altering some cards (once I find my sharpies dammit! I want some!) etc. Maybe if someone could hook me up with a summer job? I'd be pretty grateful :D

But other than that, I just auditioned for a role for Roofdeck Productions and things turned out all right!

Hanging out at the Alano residence was pretty cool! Nice to be around fun and friendly theater-goers! Finally got to watch Pride and Prejudice, yeah all of us wanted something from the movie.

Joy: I want Mr. Darcy
Mia: I love that dress, I want it (Referring to Keira Knightley's gown)
Ozzy: Let's share her, you take the dress and I'll...

After the auditions and cold reading we were watching the best leading ladies in musical theater, well in a certain time anyway, great stuff :D then I scooted over to the MANI party then we scooted over the MAX3D for an impromptu DotA session.

Same hero Shandelzare=HEADACHE! Why couldn't we get a bobo hero like Kardel or Naix or lesser evils like Zeus (joke) Chen, Yurnero, any hero without STUN!

All right guys sugod, STUN! STUN! SWAP! ST...SWAP! SWAP! STUN!

Crazy stuff...


DAMMIT I got a measly 2.88, none of the teachers who I expected to give me a higher grade did! And I even got a lower grade because of that damn SA ethno study (to my partner, I still hope you burn in hell for the pathetic excuse of homework you did [and almost did not do])

DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT! No final advertising class for me... DAMMIT!

I really have to DL, I have 4 sems left, hear me pawn!

Cut and Paste, Gio's Side Event Finals Coverage

dawgie da pogi productions bring you...
(Insert here some Kenny G music…. Yung pang-romansa na type… )
(tenen-nenen.. tenen-nenen-nenen-nenen-nen… teeeeeennnnn-nen)

A BrokeBack Finals Tourney Report
Side Event Finals April 15, 2007

The Duel Between the Mighty Bomberman Spapartans and the Baklelong Oath Persians of Xerxes
Allan (jester) vs Osmond (scribe888)

The two has met in the center of the playing area and were taking a look at their cards.

Will Allan’s super duper lucky topdecking of Black Lotus prevail and win the tournament just like his match with Lance in the semis?

Or will Osmond’s deck where everyone calls it gay Oath (well… most players here call Oath gay anyway…) stand and make everyone tremble just like the scene where Xerxes’s fingers tapped on the spapartan’s shoulder?

Will Nigz ever change his shirt when he plays a tourney? Will the Mythril Sando Shirt ever go away?

Will I ever stop making brokeback comments? Will everyone ever stop making brokeback comments?

Will that lady that had those great assets be back in BCI for me to see? A lot saw her while I was writing down the scenes!!! Damn it!! Hindi tinuro sa akin ni Andrew!! ^#%^$@%^$%^%$^%$^#%

Well we will see…

Round 1…. FIGHT! (With that Voice from Streetfighter)

The die roll began and Allan won the die roll. Allan mulls to 6 and was good. Osmond was good with his hand as well. Allan starts the game with an Island and go (I can’t remember if it was a foil island). Osmond then proceeds with a Polluted Delta, breaks it for Underground Sea, and then plays his Chah-nees I know kung-fu Imperial Seal (bling count starts from here?) then says go. Allan then drops a Wasteland and rips it against the Underground Sea. Osmond then proceeds with a Flooded Strand and says go. Allan plays Plains and says done. At the end of the turn, Ozzy breaks his Flooded Strand for another very Underground Sea, plays Mystical Tutor, and fetches a Force of Will. On Osmond’s turn, he draws the FoW, plays Forbidden Gaychard and then plays that brokeback enchantment of Oath of Druids Who Love Men. Allan then plays a Flooded Strand, breaks it for an Island and says go. Osmond on his turn of course wanted to see something big that he can play with tongue.gif, then activates his Oath. Gay A$$ blessing was revealed and then Akroma was put into play. But before the draw step, Allan plays Thirst for Knowledge. BUT WAIT! THERES MORE! Osmond in response plays Ancestral Recall. Osmond has now cheated the game with Ancestral Recall alone… BOOOO…. Allan discards Salvager and Tundra. Osmond proceeds to his combat step and attacked with Akroma. But wait! There is still a whole lot more! Ozzy wastes his own Underground Sea, then plays another baklelong card named Balance. Allan then FoWed it pitching a shiny Cunning Wish where I had to close my eyes because it was soooo shiny. But Ozzy made a mistake by telling him that he thought it was a Power Sink! (Low blow!!!! Technical, Offensive, Flagrant Foul all in one!!!! Red card!! Kurot sa ut*ng!! )

Allan retaliated with that comment by attacking the Spirit token and tickled Ozzy. Ozzy’s Akroma attacked then it was gg from there.

Oath wins game 1…. Booooooo… baduuuuyyy... Matindi ang lola e…

Quick Sideboards in and out… then we go to straight for round 2 action!!! (What?! No hooters?! Yung mga waitress na lang sa BCI!! Pwede na yun!!! laugh.gif)

Round 2... FIGHT!

Allan proceeds and starts off with an Island. Ozzy goes with an Island and done… all right… we got a draw go game… Allan plays Adarkar Waste… and then… plays Ultra Bling DCI Meddling Mage (The light! The light! I’m blind!). At end of turn, Ozzy goes plays Mystical Tutor (baduy.. no bling) and fetches Ultra Blling DCI Swords to Plowshares (where the hell do you get these cards anyway??). Ozzy then plays Wasteland on his turn and destroys the Adarkar Waste. Allan proceeds to his turn and then attacked with the Mage making it inflict 345454436565 points of damage with Light element but was reduced to 2 damage because the deck he was against was gay. Ozzy then plays Orchard, taps it producing a token, then plays Null Rod (now this card ain’t gay. I love this card. If Null Rod was a real woman, I have already married her and have made about 15 babies already.) Allan plays Brainstorm while it was still on the stack but still let it resolved. Allan gets his turn then plays wasteland, then wastes the Orchard where it belongs. Then Ozzy plays Orchard (Two! Two orchards... bwahahaha…) then plays his Ultra Bling DCI Swords to Plowshares on the Ultra Bling DCI Meddling Mage. Ozzy needed to use the Ultra Bling DCI Swords to Plowshares to kill the Ultra Bling DCI Meddling Mage because any other Swords to Plowshares is not worthy and will just bounce off the Ultra Bling DCI Meddling Mage. But! Allan, in response, plays a bling Echoing Truth targeting the Mage. Ozzy counters it with FoW pitching SSS. Baduy nga lang dahil hindi na bling… BOOOOOO….

Allan plays Brainstorm on his main phase and plays Flooded Strand. Flooded Strand was cracked for an Island, then swings in for a tickle against Ozzy. Ozzy was now at 13 life. Ozzy plays Gay a$$ Blesing (Bling! Bling!), then plays another Orchard (3 Forbidden Orchard! Bwahahaha!!!) then says done. Allan then attacks with 3 tokens then plays a shiny spapartan Auriok Salvager. Then Osmond plays another Orchard (Four! Four forbidden Orchard. Bwahahaha!!). Allan attacks and brings down Ozzy to five then Ozzy conceded after that. Four Orchards? Damn! We know that Oath is already a gay deck but they still had to come out? Geez..

But still, Bomberman prevails! By beatdown too. Yey!

I then receive a text message from Nigz that he was looking for these gay cards and I just told him that Oath is the deck for you, Mr. Mythril Sando man!!!!

Round 3!

Ozzy plays Polluted Delta, cracks it for Underground Sea, then plays bling Duress taking out Allan’s bling Brainstorm. Allan then plays Island, go. Ozzy then plays Forbidden Gaychard, then plays a My kung is better than your Kung-fu Chah-nees Oath of Druids. Uhuh… it was now looking bad for Allan. Allan just plays Tundra then go. Ozzy oaths up a Simic Gay Swallower, then plays Demonic Tutor, then plays Null Rod. Allan then attacks with the tokens, then plays Echoing Truth on the token which was countered. Ozzy then attacks with the big swallower (Wag po, koya!!!!). Allan then STPs his token at EOT and gains 1 life. Allan attacks with the token, then plays Flooded Strand. Ozzy again attacks with SSS (Koya! Wag po!!!), then plays Imperial Seal. Allan attacks with the token, Ozzy attacks with SSS (Koya!!!!!! WWWAAAAGG PPPOOO!!!) then with his final energy, Allan attacks with the token with big iron shiny balls of fury just like what the Spapartans did. Unfurtonately, Simic Sky Swallower was really large and took the game.

So the champion of this brokeback tournament is:

Greenhills Parking Area since people who brought their cars paid more than P120 pesos for parking since walang flat rate.
BCI Sisig Rice and Iced Tea since it was ordered by almost everyone.

Congratulations to Ozzy for winning the tournamaent! smile.gif


Si Cheng nga rin pala yung Champion sa proxy... baduuy rin... booooooo!!!! Pero kakaiba yung topdeck. First time talagang napa-iling ako ng sobra-sobra!!!

Till next time! Keep it in the same bat channel, same bat time!

dawgie out!

WOOT CHAMP AKO!!! Now for next month's Mid-Year Tournament!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Summer days

The distance between Escaler and SS has never been this far...

RegCom days are going by. I only have three more days of dutiful working to go since I will be taking Saturday off for an audition and a party afterwards.

Being in RegCom is relatively fun, you get to meet a lot of people, tone your muscles. lol. I've been carrying chairs, tables, heavy stands and whatnot to various locations in ADMU. I'm way out of shape. hahaha. A few more days to go...

Kathleen and Leo's birthday celebration

Lan Zhou La Mien. Yeah we tried it. The noodles are kinda ok. Kinda :D, I'd prolly go there if I were too lazy to head over to Wai Ying since it is a stone's throw from my house.

The short dinner continued into a random hanging-out session at my place. Yeah WTF, some light booze: Vodka Cruiser, Tsingtao Beer, Gin, and for those who don't drink some fruit wine. Mahjong, Pusoy Dos, and "Poker"...Seriously guys, if you want to bond (make kwento as Clar so puts it), let's do it elsewhere in a more conducive environment ie Starbucko. The room is meant for gambling albeit not that snazzy but still, I was really looking forward to some real poker. Sunod ulit, preferably planned :D


Yeah I've been meeting new people. What amazes me is the extent of these people's expertise and passion. I should find my genius... I really should. Oh and these connoisseurs, if you must know are Graphic Novels, Film, and Pornography. Yeah, I've been meeting some interesting people.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

PTQ San Diego 2HG Tournament Report

PTQ San Diego Two-Headed Giant Tournament

Team Go:
Osmond Go---RB support
Paolo Go------GU fatties

I had all the removal (Sudden Shock, Sudden Death, Strangling Soot, Midnight Charm, Fury Charm, Shambling Swarm), cheap beats and beats with evasion (Corpulent Corpse, That Swampwalking Lemur, Skirk Shaman) and Empty the Warrens and Boom//Bust...and Ground Rift and Dust Corona..... Um...Yeah... :D

and Pao had the suspend fatties plus Psionic Blast, Spectral Force, Gaea's Anthem and Teferi ($$$ bawi) oh and 2 Mire Boas.

Game 1 Team R3negade

I developed pretty well as did my opponents but Pao got stuck without any green sources. At the time that Pao tapped for a spell and passed the turn, our opponent activates his Phyrexian Totem and swings. Pao @#$#@ Psionic Blast $#%@%!!! I cheese it with a Orcish Cannonade. Things even out for us for a while since Pao was still screwed. Eventually, we power up a Ground Rift powered turn then our opponents play a Bogardan Rager and Pao pumps the critter it (Skirk Shaman) blocks with Strength in Numbers.


Game 2 Team Spiral Co Go

Pao gets a perfect curve. That is Turn 1 suspend Baloth, Turn 2 suspend Ephemeron, Turn 3 suspend Viscerid 'walker and some other stuff. After which Spectral Force joined the party.
I handle their early beats. Subterrainean Shambler pawning Faceless Devourer and Mire Boa is pretty good! :D


Game 3 1 Dozen Eyes (Mark Rivera and...)

Ok their deck has 2 Tenebs. This match was just way too badly played on our part as we had 5 misplays. Anyway our opponent powers up a 3 storm count Volcanic Awakening removing Pao's blue sources. Soonafter I Melancholy Mark's Bog Serpent, they Boom//Bust. I play Swamp and Vampiric Link that serpent. Pao and I draw into more lands and proceed to stabilize.
The end was a Utopia Vow+Ground Rift storm-powered turn for the win. And a Psionic Blast the turn before.

1. Veiling Oddity or that thing that unsuspends to unblockability and Viscerid 'walker were suspended. I had Warrens and Pao has Mire Boa, a morph, and Gemhide Sliver. I also had Keldon Marauder. So our mistake was not playing Warrens for 5 then attacking the next turn when the oddity resolves for 15 damage. Pao could've played the Gemhide Sliver first then cast the next two spells he had in hand in the next turn when the 'walker resolves. Then I cast my marauder then Empty the Warrens for 10 tokens.

2. Teferi hits play Pao has morph critters in his hand and 6 mana open. He also had Dismal Failure. Opponents pass the turn. He does nothing...

3. Twice

4. There's a removal spell that hits our 'walker, Pao pumps it and does not realize the pumping it does not add to it's toughness. The mana used could have flashed Teferi into play.

5. Sooting a Nantuko Shaman instead of a Viscerid 'walker.


Game 4 Powerpuff
Pao suspends the beats then plays a Gaea's Anthem. I play the removal. We flood the board. Then our opponent casts Porphyry Nodes and passes the turn to us. We do the math, I cast Boom//Bust.


Game 5 Jaro Brothers (um...duh...)
Ok they are playing seriously broken removal and light beats with only Calciderm and 2 Crovaxes to top their curve.
I Mindstab turn one and force Crovax to enter the graveyard. We just keep casting critters and they keep killing them. We eventually pump out more critters than they can handle.
Pao casts Spectral Force and gets ready to swing the next turn. Jaro Brothers draw and...
Out of the corner of Dominaria a time rift opens (well not really) and a gigantic Shivan Meteor slams into our Spectral Force with a resounding blam! As Jaro slams it down on the critter.


Game 6 Each Hit and I (Nick Ortega and Manchester Sy)
Both of us were mana screwed as the game progressed.

Pao and I decide to keep our hands as they were pretty decent anyway. I had turn 1 Mindstab and Pao has Gemhide Sliver. Needless to say we got our asses beat. But Pao had his Shaper Parasite kill a morphed Akroma :D One question remains here if I had used Sudden Death on the Rathi Trapper instead of the morphed Shaper Parasite, I think we would have won.

Game 7 Phil=Pulitika

Top 4 Phil=Pulitika

So we walk away with $$$ and a lot of packs. Go Team Go!