Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Pictures

Random Pictures:

Most recent:
Choco Loco Party. A buffet of all sorts of chocolate foodstuffs. And a fountain of course to really drown everything in chocolate! Really crazy sugar rush afterwards.

STARSTRUCK!!! That is THE David Guerrero! Ok fine, of BBDO Guerrero-Ortega! The advertising genius behind successful accounts like Pepsi and Pizza Hut among other popular brands. Uber fanboy mode.

Mike and Anne's Wedding with Teams Classic, MF (the lone one) and Budget
And I got wasted because of what happened in Event #1 XD, buti wala nag-isip na magpicture.

Regcom Seniors' Party (Yeah my phone has a crappy camera)
Clockwise from top: Maine (just happened to be there), Nigs, Kitchie, JJ, and me (that represents the Judenites contingent of the Juniors.)
Chino, me, and Wits!
Me and Eric (the insanely tall one)
Me and Yeye
Me and Pao, I should show Tina (his gf) this picture someday
The Juniors!


because dramatic irony seems to be the story of my romantic life...
Song and vid link c/o Nadia who shares with me many S.A.W.I. anecdotes

Here's a translation/sing-along guide. (Judenites can pretend to read the characters while furiously checking up on the romanized words.)

deng dai

wo sui shi sui di zai deng dai
I am always waiting anytime,anywhere

zuo ni gan qing shang de yi lai
To become your love's foothold

wo mei you ren he de yi wen
I don’t have any doubts

zhe shi ai
This is love

wo cai
I guess

ni zao jiu xiang yao shuo ming bai
You’ve been trying to make things clear from the beginning

wo jue de zi ji hao shi bai
I feel that I’m a failure

cong tian tang diao luo dao shen yuan
Fallen from heaven to a deep abyss

duo wu nai
So helpless

我愿意改变(what can i do?)
wo yuan yi gai bian WHAT CAN I DO
I’m willing to change WHAT CAN I DO

重新再来一遍(just give me chance)
chong xin zai lai yi bian JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE
Start over again JUST GIVE ME A CHANCE

wo wu fa zhi shi pu tong peng you
I can’t be just an ordinary friend

gan qing yi na me shen
My feelings are already so intense

jiao wo zen me neng fang shou
How can I just let go

dan ni shuo
But you said

i only want to be your friend

zuo ge peng you
Become friends

我在你心中只是just a friend
wo zai ni xin zhong zhi shi JUST A FRIEND
I’m just a friend in your heart JUST A FRIEND

bu shi qing ren
Not a loved one

wo gan ji ni dui wo zhe yang de tan bai
I appreciate your truthfulness

dan wo gei ni de ai zan shi shou bu hui lai
But right now, my love for you can’t be taken back

so I 我不能只是be your friend
SO I bu neng zhi shi BE YOUR FRIEND
SO I I can’t just be your friend BE YOUR FRIEND

i just can't be your friend


wo bu neng zhi shi zuo ni de peng you
I can’t be just your friend

bu neng zuo pu tong peng you
Can’t just be your ordinary friend

Spread the love, or lack thereof. And keep them blades away from the wrists.


"Aw..." - Honey

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Guidelines for Harmonious Living on the LRT

1. Put your goddamn earphones/ headset on.

This isn't your train. It's PUBLIC transportation, and not everyone appreciates your music.

-If your gadgets forgot their respective partners for the day, then don't listen to your shit at all; or put your PSP, DS, or GBA on mute.

-Now some of you may have put on their earphones, thanks. What you may not have realized is that you've got your music way too loudly that people ACROSS you can hear. You've taken a step in respecting other people, just take the next one. Control your volume.

speaking of which...

2. Control your volume

I'd be a hypocrite if I said that I'm never noisy on the train. As you know, I'm quite the chatterbox, and when riding the LRT with people I know intimately, I become rather animated with my discussions. So... Er... hm... This is something I'll have to work on.

-Anyway, when answering phones, don't talk too loudly especially since everyone's clumped together, you know people beside you! It's annoying to have to hear about how your day was or where to pick up so and so. And when the bitterness strikes, normal phrases like "I wuv u" and "Hey boo" become seriously incensing.

-People who stay together, play together. Keep the touching and volume in check :p Otherwise have a kinky, kinky time... on the LRT... Ew...

3. If the escalators are big enough for two people, stay on one side.

-If you aren't in a hurry, other people are. No one's forcing you to go as fast as them, just give way.

-Paper due in half an hour? Meeting in twenty? Class in fifteen?!

Hear the train coming as you insert your ticket in the machine? Running up the escalator to meet it? Get into the train! Stop because some people just stay on the escalator then LEISURELY stroll into the opened doors which close just as you arrive at the platform? There we go.

4. Give your seat up for senior citizens.

-I mean seriously. Either they can't stand for extended periods of time and you'd have to be heartless to watch them suffer or that "oldie" will launch a tirade about how times have changed and how morals have gone up someone's ass. Oh and the youth are hopeless too and the hard work they put in at building a nation wasn't worth it. Whatever happens, you will lose. Give them the seat, it isn't worth the verbal harassment and the shame.

-I didn't mention giving up seats to women as a rule because times have changed. It's relative to each person how he/she views women's privileges. Personally, I do give up my seat most of the time but some people believe that men and women must be treated equally, so if that lady missed a seat, sucks to be her... Right?

-"Be a man. Do the right thing." Oh Russell Peters, this will never die.

5. Give way to people exiting from the trains.

-Seriously. Don't be a dick and move in when the door opens, not only does that piss everyone leaving off, but you give them an excuse to shove you right back out. Imagine bouncer-like people, shoving you back.

-Enter when there's actually an opening.

6. Don't screw with the doors.

-Don't force them open if they're closing already and you're just coming in. It may wreck the train or whatever, and on the off chance that shit happens and the train is delayed, everyone will hate you. EVERYONE on the train. That's a lot of people who will want a piece of you when they find out all their schedules have to be moved because some idiot couldn't wait another 5 or so minutes.

7. In crowded trains or times, take whatever vacant spot there is so there is more room for other people.

The first time I had to take the LRT1, no one told me this. We were a group of students just hanging around at a spot near the entrance. There was a huge space at our side, which was just recently vacated. But we didn't move. We just kept chatting about until we reached Pedro Gil. When we finally left the people who were clumped near the door complained loudly about our thoughtlessness. Now seriously they should have asked us to move a bit but either way that's that.

8. Don't push.

-It's a reality that people push to get their way. Have you seen the MRT or LRT1 on rush hour? The nightmare! Just say "excuse me" first, it's decency.

Rejected Guideline
*Learn a martial art, or carry pepper spray, or at the least learn how to tie really good knots (and bring some rope too.)

-The next time someone gropes you on the train, don't get mad. Tell the person, "short time tayo," after all there are a lot of motels in key LRT stops, you gotta hand it to that popular brand of motels, they're running a good business! The horny bastard will probably be all gung ho and pick up the bill. When you get to your room, teach them a lesson they'll never forget. You can beat the crap out of them or just tie them up and leave them there until the cleaning lady comes in. Kinky.

Events Management: Event 2

This time we had to plan a "party."

Check out our invites!

No pictures of the event. Our photographer hasn't had the chance to upload them yet. But here's one of the challenges that the two teams had to face - a create a cheer contest.

Events Management: Event 1

Our group. VIP. We rule! XD

The assignment, should we choose to accept, well didn't really have a choice, was to design and launch "an intimate concert."

So we came up with an idea of doing a sneaker exhibit. And..... here, take a pseudo-guided tour of "Elemental Art!"

Yeah cause we're such camwhores! There's the "Ozy needs to work out picture." Anyway... That used to be the registration area.

Enter... Experience....


Next chill in...

Up and at 'em!


And enter our favorite room...

Proceed to the dining area, grab some grub, gulp some booze and mingle.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Second Semester

Ok... I have a lot to write about... Er backblogging events three months old...

Anyway, let's start with the second semester.

I'm taking five classes: Events Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, Theology 131, Philosophy 102, History 165 with my schedule spanning MWFS. That's right boys and girls, Ozy get's TTH off! Not that it matters because I'm still around campus on meetings, and pretend research, and talks and whatnot...

Here's the kicker my MWF involves the three core subjects (histo, theo, and philo) going consecutively from 1:30-4:30. So it's like brains turn to mush right? More on this later. The real problem is my History class is in Sec, my Theo in the ISO, and my Philo in Kostka. That's a lot of marathoning for ten minutes. And you know how classes tend to extend sometimes... The first few days was fine, minimal work, I could still brisk walk to my next classes. But as the days progressed, well... "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!?!?!?!?!"

Which brings me to a discussion on my rather not so rosy academic standing this semester.

Another "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING" moment includes my signing up for Events Management. I didn't really ask a lot of people about it. I thought that it would be a class that could improve on my presentation skills, you know pitch an event... Again, and again. But no, the first day when Sir Sev gave us our syllabuses... wait for it... "WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!!!" We were supposed to do REAL EVENTS. REAL, with a budget, venue, subject, guests, the whole fricking shebang. Oh and that's in plural form... THREE FRICKIN EVENTS! Of course the quality of my post now wouldn't reflect much of my chagrin because I've already gone through two events (Lots of juicy stories!). But just imagine that anime dude with his hair covering his face with a black background and gigantic sweat drops plus ominous background music. Yeah that was me.


It's history, so meh... But I might say that I have had the good fortune of getting great professors... Well partly because of my Regcom status but regardless, I like my history professors. I guess I just have a motivational problem with regards to studying...

Oh yeah and I'm doing dismally... As usual... Sad... Just sad... Oh and our group report bombed because Tamuneneng (still thinking of a proper name for my laptop) went crazy when we plugged her to the projector at Escaler. Vista is teh suxxorz! Seriously. When we were making the powerpoint, everything was fine. All the links worked. The color was great. But nooooooo. When we plugged it in the color scheme conked out and all the links failed. To top it all off one of the actors didn't memorize her lines. We had a One Vs. One Hundred theme starring Kris Aquino and Inday. Kris was still Kris, and Inday was the smart-aleck English-speaking housemaid. The sad part was the acting was horrible for Inday, as in the interpretation done by my groupmate was the dumb Inday. Kris was fine. Hay... I still don't know our grade. I hope we got a B+, considering we were the first group to report and as Ma'm says, our topic was the most boring. And medyo mababaw naman kaligayahan ni Ma'm... And of course I've been doing horribly in the exams... Just seriously seriously sad... I now only have some recitation, a long test, and the finals to show her I deserve a B... If I can even ace all of the remaining requirements. Oh and did I mention that I was in the seniors' class? So things move way, way faster. Heck I'm having my finals in two weeks!!!

Events Management

See next post

Integrated Marketing Communications

The course description should've included "laptop required." Ma'm Nonna discusses quite expansively and rapidly. Not that I'm complaining, I'm learning a lot and she teaches a very informative class after all. The problem is that it's seriously hard to take down notes and process the info at the same time. What I don't understand is why she doesn't give us her powerpoint files like Ma'm Borsoto so we can listen to her more intently. Either way that's the only problem in this class. Like Sir Sev, she gets all 4s at the year-end evaluation.


Let me say, I enjoy philosophy. I love the subject and the people behind it. The ideas and the milieus tackled always brings new insight to the times we're living today. But for some reason, I'm doing rather horribly this semester. Discounting the fact that I've been a very bad student, I guess it's the pacing of the class that's gotten me down. We're horribly slow, which is further perpetuated by a certain girl who keeps asking questions. They aren't stupid questions, just annoying questions because they would obviously be answered afterwards. The worst thing is that these questions are credited. I'm bitter I know... Oh well, as sir says, I still have 85%

Scratch that, I uber-crammed my other requirement which was a week-long paper. I really, really am sick or something... procrastination is bad... really, really bad.


A separate post on my musings of theology, but this is about the class. I got the infamous Markus Locker of rather unsavory repute. Apart from being very funny, he also has that rather hard to decipher accent. But the real deal? It involves turning a D to a B+ legitimately. Anyways he's not so bad. I just really, really don't find theology interesting. I wanted to get Dacanay but my other class conflicts with "The Legend's" schedule.