Thursday, September 27, 2007

Love is about timing.

I just finished 2046. Brilliant movie, just brilliant, I've long wanted to watch this since I saw In the Mood of Love a few months back :D

Anyway that quote just really really hit me.

Love is about timing. - Mr. Chow, 2046

Now is not the time I guess. If I claim to only want a relationship when I am sure to be financially secure then I shouldn't be entertaining thoughts of getting into a relationship right now.

If I do it only means that I am looking to fill a certain void in my life right now, oh well nothing a little workaholicism can't fix :D

Either way, and with conviction, ACADS MUNA!

But Jessica Alba's so hot!!! :p

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes Come Back

Heroes S02E01 was great! It really tickles the audiences with all the tensions surrounding each character. I am just quite miffed at how Parkman's first sequence seem rather iffy. I guestimate that the director said, "just improvise," for the sequence.

Good things to come I supposed with the revelations of the last season as well as the introduction of the new characters.

Crappy conclusion to Hiro's dad though.


Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Women, what is it about them. Can't live, with them or without them!"

1. Man A is attracted to Woman A.
2. Woman A is attracted to Man A.
3. Man A and Woman A communicate through a mutually understandable channel.
4. Man A and Woman A become a couple.
5. Man A and Woman A live happily ever after.

Is it ever this simple?

Let's discuss this point by point.

Numbers 1 and 2 happen way too often, independently. However if both occur at the same time and place...that's a rare happening. It is not enough that the two individuals have a certain "connection." They must go through number 3.

We all know men and women aren't the same. We all know men and women don't talk, think, or act in the same way. So does number 3 ever happen? It's called marriage baby, when they're forced to do it, then when they stop they go to the past tense of marriage which threatens the wedding industry according to Confetti Magazine EIC from the movie Confetti. Kidding aside number 3 is when Man A and Woman A live the perfect life of mutual understanding, hope, and lurve. Well not really, that's number 5. Number 3 is when Man A and Woman A can talk about their emotions and eventually do something about it. Which leads us to number 4.

Since some people hold the views that the youth today should enjoy teenage life and wait for the right time before committing physically and emotionally with someone, then number 4 should be the product of a long and beautiful friendship.

Number 5 is when everything falls into place, the starts hit the right spot, the mountains have moved, Jessica Alba is my wife (hey if Sir Ty can say Sarah Michelle Gellar burns his loins hehehe.)

Now why in heaven's name have I made such a stupid post? I don't know. I'm still confused with what I should do. Am I to be presumptuous as to put meaning in what she says in a public channel? Am I so self-absorbed that I think what she says only refers to me? (God I hope she's referring to me, there I said it. But even then, then what??!?!?!!??)

Life is way too confusing.

Interesting trivia I've found out about myself this sem:

1. When pushed to the limit of sanity and frustration, I laugh uncontrollably
Case in point:
Hi165 video of doom. We were at Matteo at night doing the cursed video. We had no experience whatsoever with video qualities, file types and what not. After publishing a prototype of a scene we had just finished editing, it came out uber shitty as in the video had to be viewed in the smallest size to have some modicum of clarity. We were screwed. Then Irv came and right-clicked the videos in Adobe Premiere (feeling high-tech kasi kami) and did some sort of scaling thing.


At this point, JJ, Ed, and I were laughing like crazy, right there at Matteo which looked like it could pass for a call center, the Ateneo Call Center, with Mcdo delivery randomly dropping by provoking us with the hot and tasty food he brought. I felt tears well up under my eyes (you see boys and girls when you've been stuck doing something for oh I don't know 3-5 hours then find out it's screwed up and spend the next 2 hours trying to fix it and then a guy comes in and fixes it in what 3 seconds, YOU GO F@%#ING CRAZY!!!)

Quotable quotable:
Ed, to Irv, "Pwede pasuntok? Isa lang, kanina pa kasi kami eh."

The fun doesn't stop there ladies and gentlemen. A few hours later we continue editing but we don't finish. The result? We troop to JJ's house to finish it. We still don't finish and Ed and I leave JJ's house at 4 am. I ask to be dropped at Cubao and I was dropped along the place where the buses wait? Yeah it's quite a walk to the LRT hehe considering I wasn't myself at all. After the long walk I waited for the bloody train to 5. Now that's the earliest I've even been riding the train. All throughout the commute take note my eyes were insanely heavy and I was feeling quite filthy, Cubao without sunlight is not a clean sight. So after the train I take a jeep then walk to my house. I get home at around 6:30. Mom wakes up, there are some exchanges which all leads to "I need sleep." I wake up a couple of hours later and attend my Strat Plan class...Which turned out to be a free cut (It's my only class during TTH.)

Quotable quotable:
Alexa, to me, "I feel sorry for you." And she didn't even know what I went through the previous night and morning.

Afterwards calls are made and then I go to JJ's house to do the editing again. This is the night before Atchi leaves to study again by the way. We finish editing after some arguments. And after Adobe Premiere stops exporting the file, we find out the finished product is huge. FREAKING huge. A 12 minute video is 2.55 GB. Real movies that last for 90 minutes can take up 650 MB.

I start laughing again. The crazy sort of laughing. Until some divine revelation dawned upon us: DVD-R.

I take a cab home and apparently Atchi's flight was 3 pm. Not am. So I wasted some cash taking the cab but either way, fatigue was getting the better of me so I slept. Crazy things happen the next morning as I do some stuff for my sister, both finished and unfinished. I wake up late, proceed to CD-R King to buy the DVDs and go back home. I burn the dvd which takes next to forever. Things go even crazier as apparently no one could drive me to the LRT. I was afraid of running late as I had already cut my Comm Res class to burn the DVD. I speed out of the house, wearing slippers (aha, here lies the reason of my viral infection, insofar as I have deduced...)
and rush to school. Now while I was on the train, specifically at V. Mapa, JJ calls me and asks if I am going to make it to school on time. Apparently the class had already started and I was officially late. Twenty minutes later I zoom to class and submit it, afraid that the submission would no longer be counted because I was late. I already had a speech in mind if Sir Dave would not accept the DVD. It went along the lines of I almost got run over, twice; got bumped by a trike, etc. But thanks be to God, class time is submission time.

Wow that's quite a weird story.

2. I cannot work without eating something
Case in point:
Hi165 again, zoom in JJ's semi-empty cupboards. Zoom into JJ's thought bubbles, "Ano kaya ipapakain ko dito?"

After doing the Review of Related Literature for the Comedy Bars paper, there are candy bar wrappers in my pseudo-workspace.

Next time I take a Philo LT I'm bringing food. Oh by the way, I bombed the Philo LT... I think I have some explaining to Sir Soh when he corrects my paper hahahaha...

3. When sabaw, I listen to stupid music.
Case in point:
Comm Res deadlines... I type. Winamp churns out Anime, and quite recently Backstreet Boys, and the Spice Girls. I'm currently finding a torrent of the Moffatts to feed my idiosyncrasies.
QUIT PLAYING GAMES WITH MY HEART!!!!!!!! I mean this... Please, I want some peace of mind, and you... if that isn't too much to ask :P

4. I have been Leonardized with regards to food.
Case in point:
Once a week I have lechon. Once a week I eat at the teahouse (Golden Fortune liit is open again btw!! Happiness!) DAMN YOU HONGKONG EXPRESS!

5. Pocket Tanks is fun.
Case in point:
Strat Plan, Sir is discussing, I'm playing. This is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I have notes though :p

6. I'm a sucker for Chinese girls.
Case in point:
I'd rather not say. But oddly enough all of my crushes are Chinese. Not that I'm a racist in that respect. Jessica Alba is Latinanese!!!

7. MAGIS ako, minsan nga lang at sa maling oras pa.
Case in point:
Going to consultation, attending class. Problem is I'm only MAGIS after the worst has hit. ARGH!!!

8. Malas ako sa ADMU team kapag nanunuod ako ng game.
Case in point:
I only ever watched a crucial game once. It was the game three of ADMU and DLSU. And ADMU lost. It's a sign I tell you!!! A SIGN!!! And and... It was Mutya's second time to watch, and both times that she watched ADMU lost. I'm not crazy! It's true, it's true!

Sana manalo kami, I want a bonfire at Bellarmine...

9. "Boon" is a fun word
I'm glad to have had coined it in the other context that it's being spread throughout ADMU. Well... Maybe.

It's the chocolate talking. Tomorrow I co-host Mid-Autumn Gratia. Woot! I wonder if I get to join the dice game...

I need to finish this damn typing job, it's almost October for crying out loud and I'm barely halfway done.

The semester is about to end. And unless I pull miracles out of miracles I probably won't be able to make the Dean's List... Sad... oh well, I'm taking Dacanay next sem. Go me!

Formula for the last few sentences in my post:
Random thought, sad reflection, bow.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

It sucks to get sick

There are few moments in my academic career that I can truly describe myself as MAGIS. When I got sick the past week, that would be one of them, of course in the dumbest sense. My fever started when I made my way back home on Monday. With mind-numbing pain, aching joints, and fever, I took the jeep then walked the rest of the way home. When I got home, I slept. And slept. And slept.

I forced myself to go to school the following days until the fourth day when my family started getting worried as the fever hadn't broken. I had a cbc platelet test and then went to the doctors. So apparently, I have a virus thingy, not dengue though. Up to now I'm not sure if I'm perfectly well yet. I'll have to get a full blood chemistry done, see if my platelets are back on a healthy level and if the rest of my body is intact.

But what did I do after my fever broke? Comm Res.

Now because of Comm Res, viewing pornography, playing DotA, going in gay bars, laughing at comedy bars, etc, are now considered academic research :D So our group went to Zirkoh on Friday to do our research.

Um yeah, booze :D

It was my first time in a comedy bar and it was pretty fun. It kind of annoyed me how a large chunk of filler action was happening when the performers sang. But when the jokes came, they really brought the house down.

Since we had to have permission from the management, we weren't allowed to conduct interviews that day. So it was just participant observation. It was quite fascinating to note the quirks of the Philippines comedy scene. We're still going to analyze this strange fixation of Filipinos and the body.

Foreigners were also around Zirkoh, that day there were Americans, a Malaysian, and Russians. Allan K was pretty up front and at em whities. He showed them the otso-otso and when the American (who was pretty good looking) couldn't do it, he showed him a "new" one that is supposed to be launched daw. The onse-onse, which involved putting ones hands on their waist while doing pelvic thrusts. His instructions were then, ok you do the onse-onse, I'll do the otso-otso, and he began to bend over...

It was seriously shocking. I had no idea that Filipinos were very open and tongue-in-cheek with matters of sexuality and practices. Funny trivia, gay people think pussies look like tarantulas: they're ugly.

Tonight we'll be doing another round of research. This time it's Francis M. headlining. We'll see what the night brings.

Um, yeah... MORE BOOZE!!!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Manila Book Fair

I missed the proxy tourney last Sunday because I volunteered for Read or Die. Pretty good stuff. I didn't get to hang out at the book fair because I was assigned at the forums. Interesting though being a runner/Anvil's bitch (as Mia so fondly puts it) as I ran into a lot of friends along the way, both from relatives to Ateneo to SJCS (several batches.)

The great thing about the day was being able to listen to the guest speakers. I was really impressed with the panels of speakers. Tin, the organizer, did a great job putting that bit together. It was seriously insane how she managed to recall everything she had researched about all the speakers! Seriously, those are CVs of each panelist. That's just insane.

Either way the panelists ranged from all sides of the book creating team, from writers to artists to publishers; critics to readers! It was great sitting through the whole day just listening.

I think I've been inspired to give writing a try haha.

I can't wait for next year's activities!