Tuesday, December 26, 2006

mean girls

i saw this movie during my christmas vacation. the first time i saw it, that is. haha it really was a laugh trip! it has a lot of powerful messages for the viewers. it was just so odd with the, i dunno but it seemed exaggerated? well thats america for you. funny funny stuff. the actors/ess were really good. they played their parts perfectly. it takes a lot of discipline to pull of their gags with a straight face. really great stuff!

the themes of teenage sexuality were pretty good. that mother was pretty freaky. walks into daughter boinking "if you need anything like snacks or a condom, just let me know." WHAT THE HE#$?!?!?! and also the other sister learning to dance and flash her breasts on tv. unregulated media consumption. brilliant. just like this movie. oops. :D

the concept of a burn book is very interesting. makes you wonder what other people think of you. its a strange way of looking for testimonials right? :D

all in all, it was a great and funny movie. i'd like to see it again. and laugh at it all over again. the clique thing just gets so done to deth that its funny.

in retrospection

all right, realistically speaking, i'll trim down my list and see what i got for xmas.
6. house upgrades : scanner, dsl, oven, etc
5. iPOD video/psp/ps3
4. mac/or IBM laptop
3. a meaningful time with friends and family
1. a certain "you"

6. will come. but only dsl i guess, by january.
5. screw it i don't really want these...well the Ipod... hm... well WII XBOX... erm never mind. not really necessities.
4. this will come soon. i seriously want my own...
3. family CHECK! friends... half-check
1. no overnight success. but seriously dude, define the time.


i had a blast in cebu.

i've been eating like a king for 5 days now (despite my on and off stomach problem.) and i'm probably a bit heavier than i remember. weighing myself now. OMG. i'm still underweight. this has to change. my new year's resolution will be personal but here's one that's public. GAIN WEIGHT!!!

anyway, being with family has been a great big breath of fresh air for me. i really enjoyed my stay. seeing my family makes things so wonderful (i haven't seen them for more than 5 years i think). pictures to be posted eventually.

it was beautiful. i could really see that meals shared together bring families together. our banter and bonding came mostly from the dinner tables. i got to eat guama's hong ba again. hehe or lo ba, turns out it wasn't the one but still! the meat melts in your mouth... sigh... then auntie ingred's mango pandan and uncle newton's porkchops (which i didn't get to sample sniff...) the next time i'll be visiting, i'll have a special dish as well! seeing people eat with so much delight is amazing! remember the movie chocolat? when there was a chocolate themed dinner and the film showed you the characters partaking in their meal with heavenly smiles. yeah, we were like that. it was amazing. i wish i had gotten everyone on video!

this christmas would be the most memorable one i've ever had. this time, i really felt like i had a family outside of mom dad and atchi. it's just great to see and connect with my relatives. this christmas was fun, great fun!

there's a lot else i'd like to say about what i did and where i went, but i guess i'll keep my memories for myself. :D pictures to be uploaded in multiply soon!

random things about cebu :
1. it is so clean... (i'm not sure if this is about the failed asean summit but damn! check it out!)
2. it is relatively small (everyone knows everyone apparently, and ...small...)
3. koreans are taking over it. seriously, there's a korean everywhere! haha
4. the gay people aren't parlor gays. that or i haven't been around very much
5. it is very very beautiful. the people, the environment. the pace is a bit slower than that of manila's

nothing says "welcome home" like disappointment.

and that is to put a damper on my otherwise beautiful break. it sucks to be reminded of hassles and past misfortunes. i guess i had a real vacation this time, albeit for a short time only. i want a longer vacation. i'd like to forget all the bad, shitty times. i'd like to forget about my deals that have gone wrong, i'd like to forget about a lot of people.

sigh... to leave. to live. not very different. i want to leave.

Friday, December 15, 2006


i'm just seriously pissed off at missing to nstp insertions one after the other. missing a 20 point sa quiz because i was late and also not getting to pick my groupmates for the same subject.

tangina ano ba yan! ayusin mo nga buhay mo!

there's little left of the days to be spent on campus, i've 2 long tests and 2 papers and 1 report. i have to make the most of it.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

all i want for christmas...

a chance to talk to some people...
a deathnote...
stop pasmado-ing. stop a lot of things
get rid of a lot of things

hahaha ok let's have a conventional list

10. a billion million dollars (BILL GATES mamigay ka naman! haha)
9. my own beautiful flat, condo AND dream house
8. magic wants : p9, set of workshops, set of bazaars, set of grim tutors, set of asian foil goblin
welders, 2 moats, sets of fbb duals, sets of asian foil fetchlands, set of asian mm
foil brainstorms + more
7. all expense paid trips to wherever i want to go
6. house upgrades : scanner, dsl, oven, etc
5. iPOD video/psp/ps3
4. mac/or IBM laptop
3. a meaningful time with friends and family
2. happiness
I don't want a lot for Christmas
There's just one thing I need
I don't care about the presents
Underneath the Christmas tree
I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas is...

Thursday, November 30, 2006

as promised



我在HSM试试看我表演的程度。其实我失败了。这情形呤我想,我在表演冲来有进步吗? 我在练习时真正的有进步吗? 我花的时间有成果吗?




i think i should stop helping people.

it's one thing to be unappreciated, but hated? now this is not worth it.

to the ingrates, if you manage to stumble upon my blog. grow up. seriously. stop being so selfish and think about the other side of the fence. did you see the sacrifices? the effort? the patience? dammit, don't go around blaming me for your shortcomings if the terms of my influence weren't even clearly stated. oh and yeah, it would've helped if you guys just told me straight-up that you didn't want it that way. i SPECIFICALLY said i was open to whatever things you might want to say or add. SPECIFICALLY. nahihiya ba kayo nun? ok, i'll accept that pithy excuse. but nonetheless, it isn't my fault and thus you have no right to hate me. if anything i should hate you guys for not even bothering to have the common courtesy to inform me that i shouldn't [this word leaves a lot to be discussed] be around to help out anymore.

grow up. matatanda na kayo.

i know everything is done already but still finding this out from someone else is something else. vague for a reason. i'm over it. and i'm glad with what you produced. but get your feelings straight. kung magagalit kayo, dapat nasa tamang lugar kayo. and by the way, its sucks to have people lying to your face. i was perfectly polite, i deserve better.

and now the philo. it's annoying that i get burned for helping out [this covers a lot of other topics]. a harmless post becomes an argument? it really is amazing how differently people react to the things you do. each and every person is coming from a different place and time and influence. it really is a challenge to tailor your actions for favorable outcomes. a simple comment may be followed by an acknowledgement, or it can be blown out of proportion by a rancorous argument. life's crazy. everything around us is unique. i know that we generally remember only the shortcomings, as i am inclined to know ravaging this keyboard with pent-up angst. but dammit it really gets you down when you were good intentioned and then get burned. i really should shut up now. or shut up.


it'd be nice to hear a real thank you from time to time, and a sorry from people who've hurt you.

i screwed up my auditions! don't wanna talk about it. let's just leave it for another post, i'll do it in chinese.

another door opens.

Monday, November 20, 2006

high school musical press release

The Asian premiere of the stage adaptation of Disney’s “High School Musical,” opening in February at the SM Megamall Theatre, has recently announced its creative team and will be having open auditions on Saturday, November 25, 2006.

The creative team will be headed by director Chari Arespacochaga, who recently directed the Tony and Pulitzer Prize-winning drama “Doubt” starring Cherie Gil and was assistant director for Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” starring KC Concepcion and Karel Marquez for Atlantis Productions. She also directed “Footloose! The Musical” and “Merrily We Roll Along” for Blue Repertory. Also in the creative team are choreographer Daniel Cabrera and musical director Felix Rivera. Disney’s “High School Musical” is being presented by Blue Repertory, in cooperation with Cebu-based producer Hendri Go of Little Boy Productions.

Auditions for lead and ensemble roles, will be held on Saturday, November 25, 2006 at 3rd floor Gonzaga Fine Arts Theatre (G306), Gonzaga Building, Ateneo de Manila University, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Those auditioning must be 13 years old and above, and must be able to dance, sing and act. Prepare two Broadway songs and a 2×2 photo. Please contact Andrei at 0915 889 4779 for more information.

“High School Musical” tells the story of a group of teenagers dealing with the issues of popularity, first love, the balance of sports versus the arts, and the value of friends and family. With positive themes like the importance of expressing one’s self, believing and following one’s dreams, with popular songs such as “Start of Something New,” “We’re All in This Together,” and the mega-hit “Breaking Free”, this new family-friendly musical is sure to be enjoyed by audiences of all ages.

Tickets will go on sale in January at all Ticketworld outlets. Interested sponsors, show and block buyers may contact Hendri at 0917815 5794 or Jill at 0919 360 8974.

Monday, November 13, 2006

don't wait

i'm killing time right now at the rsf. despite having to finish reading some books...i'm here typing.

no chinese essay, no nj star here at the rsf.

the poem don't wait puts things into retrospection. in a perfect world, we would have enough time, sense, and resources to weigh our decisions. we are living life, against time. to win perhaps is the most impossible thing right now, unless time travel has been perfected. no one can win the race against time...so we have to slow down, when we slow down we can think more and answer and recognize our real issues with clarity and peace.

the instances in the poem are quite familiar with each person. can a person truly go through life without making the mistakes/meeting the conditions listed? there are so many decisions that we make each day of our lives. each of those decisions brings about changes, even things that we cannot control. how can we live, without not waiting? life is already moving too fast for us, there are so many tasks we have to accomplish daily. as we slow down, we take deep breaths, we relax and look. where am i heading? why am i going there? what is waiting for me there. slowing down puts things in perspective. just be mindful of the time you spend...good things come to those who wait, but not to those who wait too late...

then again, there's an issue of getting ready, literally not waiting for the things to happen. whilst an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, we cannot antiscipate the screw balls life throws at us. how can you react to a person leaving your life? or a ms right now? accidents? death? random stuff...?

[this essay apparently is rambling on and on.]

in the end, we can only hope to live the best way we know. try and cover our bases, look before we leap and eventually when the summers roll over we can come up with our own aphorisms to guide the next generation.


speaking of aphorisms, had an intersting histo class today. teaching my section is his excellency [roflcopter] neville manaois who is self-proclaimed to be insecure, just psyching us up to his "abuses" (all in good faith) for the sem. lots of itneresting things to come i believe. he's had a lot of experience with students from the blocks he teaches and he looks like a fun prof if a bit sarcastic and in-your-face. interesting. and as we were about to leave the class he told us that he liked ending sessions with quotations.

here was what he said.
it was from the lord of the rings, a powerful message from gandalf.

"you shall not pass!"


hehe. lots of laughs to come i assume.

the past few days

in retrospect, i bummed out my semestral vacation.



nonetheless, my room is clean and i've finished one book and i've hung out with my friends.

half-done...i'm still reading hundred years of solitude. i'm only beginning to raed the photoshop book.

things that i didn't get to do :
read pessoa
organize cards
read saramago
get dsl [well the room is clean now, we'll figure it out, with proper timing i'll be surfing faster within this month]
learn [hehe basta]
shop for clothes [erm yeah...mahirap minsan sa greenhills when you get sidetracked haha]

things i swore i would not do :
DOTA the sembreak away.
dammit it 3 days, ano ba yan but kasi ang lakas ng powers ni kester eh!!! hay... oh well. dumaan na rin.

the first two days of school have been rather weird. i don't know how much work i'm supposed to be getting i guess...first few days and only introductions have been made. things are looking up with my schedule allowing me to have some decent measure of sleep. and the time frames of my classes are relatively well placed. mwf is workable since i can tambay with mayor at mvp.

and so the second sem begins.

sidenote faculty day pala sa friday so i don't have my once a week promotions class...darn.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

don't wait

Don't wait for a smile to be nice
Don't wait to be loved, to love

Don't wait to be lonely, to recognize the value of a friend.
Don't wait for the best job, to begin to work.

Don't wait to have a lot, to share a bit.

Don't wait for the fall, to remember the advice.
Don't wait for pain, to believe in prayer.
Don't wait to have time, to be able to serve.

Don't wait for anybody else pain, to ask for apologies...

... neither separation to make it up.

Don't wait...

Because you don't know how long it will take.

carpe diem baby. chinese and english essay to follow. just stumbled upon this the other day.


Monday, November 06, 2006

first sem and new stuff

presenting the M.A.N.I. logo!

for those who don't know thats Mga Anak Ni Itay. um. yeah :D cool stuff. lol funny seeing our ym avatars all looking like that!

today, i got my grades. i was surprised to see my qpi was 3.10. that's a B! haha i seriously didn't expect that. apparently crisostomo worked some magic with regards to my theo grade. hehe sayang lang talaga, had i aced pysch (which was actually an easy A) i'd be in the dean's list. oh wells, there's next sem. no always. i have to be dl this sem so i can overload next year.

pray for me!!! :D

nov 3-4 overnight

after the nov 2 dota/cs session we leo kix jaundice and i trooped to howell's house for the traditional overnight. pictures, few as they may be are here.

it was fun, rather boring though since there wasn't a lot of activitiy going on. dota the whole time. we didn't get to watch v for vendetta. too bad. we didn't have sunset stuff either. no philosophical discussions or reminiscing. just joke time the whole time, seriously howell and leo, that celphone thing is gonna bite you in the ass one of these days. some poker and billiards only. nothing much. well i think i'm still at a random success rate in billiards, given of course the nature of the law of physics defying table of howell. i did however pocket 3 balls in one shot. that's right, and the cue ball wasn't one of them LOL. 2 of the 3 weren't mine though haha but still, 3 in a go. you can never beat that leonard! nyarnyarnyar, it trumps your trickshot! which is pretty cool, he pockets too balls in one shot, the cue ball hits one ball a the right corner pocket then with that momentum pockets the other ball in the left corner pocket cool stuff.

i woke up at nov 4 for the birthday gimik and left at around 8:30, leaving my things. when i came back at around 6:30 to pick up my things...lo and behold. jaundice and kix were on the pc...dota and leonard and howell were ASLEEP. makes you wonder what they all did while i was out. needless to say, we stayed for one more day. pizza, yellowcab again haha. oh and howell owes leonard pizza yey lahat kami nayari na sa mga katangahang bets. haha.

we'll see when we'll meet again. hopefully this week to watch the prestige and avail of that pizza.

then i'll probably right my movie reviews.

nov 4 gimik

omedetou tanjoubi gozaimas cobang-san to ber-chan!

it was a fun day moa for the gang. pics here.

we met up at sjcs then proceeded to moa. during the car ride hershey and i were discussing business. that's a guy with direction all right. i wouldn't be surprised if he were to be a millioinaire before he gets married. haha and what of me i wonder... but that's another entry for another day.

yellowcab lunch was great, lotsa pizza haha bonded with herschel who i haven't seen for the longest time. i only hoped that we would have more stimulating discussions in the future haha.
it was great seeing old friends. therese, tiffany, shuri, bernice, sisa, herschel, anniline, cobang, hershey...hm a lot of girls with me again but no romantic involvement, the story of my life? wag naman though it is getting rather disturbing with all my college blocks full of girls... oh wells. lets not be too presumptuous haha.

after lunch arcade which unexpectedly lasted the whole day. sayang hindi kami nakapag-ice skating or movie instead. but still cobs gave me the skating tix so i can use them with barkadaincs getaway...whenever that happens diba leo, mark??? timezone the whole day grabe. my exercise comes in the form of dance rev and dance maniax. while i'm not one of those dancing afficionados, i've been inspired by marcelle to actually dance and not just hit the songs. by dance partner sisa however insisted on "dancing" to the harder and faster songs. songs you cannot dance to at all. haha survived but still, i was sweating really really hard. great work out. sisa and i played the machine more than 8 times i think haha. it was fun. as for dance rev, i still got it managing a consistent B for advanced songs. paranoia? kaya pa rin!!! yeba!

til the next gimik i guess!

tourney report for nov 5

it was a great tourney! not particularly happy with how i finished though, only at 12th place with the final standings of 2-1-2. played against aggro slivers, loam control, scepter chant, gifts, and ug wtf. weird weird day. i had two draws despite my piloting fcg, the uber aggro deck. once again i made several play errors which cost me games. against mike's scepter chant game two i could've won by sacing to sgc a gobo at eot followed by 3 more sac then attack ftw because mike didn't have enough mana to pay the kicker of the imprinted chant! i didn't notice darn! against johan i didn't mulligan my hand which eventually cost me the game. sayang talaga.

well next time lessons learned. mull, be attentive and use tin street hooligan (thanks allan!)

once again it was a fun day. this time we were at jupiter's BCI. we really felt the love! we had discounted meals yeba! airconditioned, great service. CLEAN, REAL TABLES! lunch was great, coz even though i was the only one who represented my team i was accompanied by tx's arvin and indi rommel. the rest of the community sat with their respective teammates. and my job as photographer ensued. haha great fun seeing the teams together, TX, chopsuey, budget, classic erm MF? pics are here.

tx has a playmat designed by none other than quix maiquez who was a regular contributor to heights back then. cool stuff. more jokes, more magic c/o marcelle. ponsi randomly screaming "yugi, watch out!" and having top deck moments accompanied by... "heto na...heto na... [not the card you needed] AH!!! dubi dubi dubi, handshake bi dubi dubi du. haha joke time talaga. great fun, great community. later hitched a ride with mike and we were talking about how vintage grew. it was reborn at mike's shop and when he decided to close it, lauren took it up and it's still relatively healthy. good times. we also talked about my team visiting and playing at mike's shop back when we were in high school, and look now...we're college sophomores. how time passes. how the good times roll.

side note, i really need to get powered.

vintage forever!

Monday, October 30, 2006

on the way home

going to fairview was a daunting task. that i would be going on my own made it harder. commuting is fun for me, if i know where i am going and how my destination looked like. sm fairview wasn't in either of those. nonetheless an adventure! so i took the train to q ave then boarded an fx for the fair view (really far) then hopped over to sm fairview and joined the tourney. see previous post. on the way home was an entirely different banana. since we finished at around 8:30 (which was really early, last time i hit 2nd we finished at 10:30.) in order to get back home i had to take an fx then a bus then 2 jeeps or a jeep and a long walk which i opted for. i was with naps ponsi chris jm zoilo and hm i forgot who was with naps. it was a fun ride joking about the tourney. its always fun to be around the vintage community. one we got off at sm north to take the bus to blumentritt only ponsi chris and i were left. then ponsi and i got off to take a jeep to sta cruz. it was interesting to be talking about life and all the baggage it brings. sometimes i forget how young i actually am and who i'm competing with. well i'll be joining the ranks of 20 and up soon but still hehe. we discussed careers, life, love. i got some really good advice from him with regards to graduating and friendship. its really different going around with various circles. fun experiences! the sad thing about our last jeepney ride was that ponsi kept warning me about the route that i'll be taking, because he'll be getting off earlier. tayuman is dark and dangerous according to him. and there are gangs and all. he told me to stay near the entrance and get off if a group of people suddenly get near. i already know these things but what was sad about it was when would the philippines be safe enough for these advices to be obsolete.
when can this country live peacefully. in places in canada and america, some people do not lock their house doors or car doors. people smile at each other, greet each other, talk to each other without subtext, without fear of being gagged/kidnapped/raped and all...in a perfect world. will we ever get to that perfect world?

as i walked home, i was pondering that. i guess i'm lucky never to run into thugs while commuting, hope my luck keeps going on! i guess the climate really says a lot about the people living with the conditions. let's hope for a better tomorrow. let's work for a better tomorrow.

a random thing, while i was at a street near my house the sky suddenly went white and a loud bang resounded! it wasn't raining so i thought the sky was falling! yes i actually thought that, don't blame me it was a brilliant white streak at the whole sky! as i ran home i saw the lights of the buildings die. i sighed with relief as it dawned to me that it was just the generator/transformer whatever thingumajiggy produces electricity exloded. haha wala lang.

tourney report

updates to my vintage ranking, i am now at 43, page 3... darn, still waiting for the next two to pop in because the prior one had me at a 0-2-1 drop then the subsequent one at 5-2-1 2nd place. (to franz's chagrin and now newfound nickname...silver collector.) i will get to the first page!!! you watch! cheng's the new first placer followed by retired jp who i have never met then lauren and marcelle. tx talaga malupit. haha basta MF will have it's moment!!!

Oct 29 SM Fairview Vintage Tournament. Time Spiral Legal.

what to expect, i have no idea. i wasn't planning on playing landstill, and i don't think i will try to play landstill in an aggro meta that much. i was thinking of playing affinity, i already had a decklist but looking for pieces is a different banana. hello... no disciple of the vault? ancient den (just getting all the artifact lands in order)? no siree deck won't run. so i had to take the next best constructed thing available at MF HQ... FCG.

i have no experience playing fcg, barring the time i resolved shared fate against an fcg... mmm... good fun times. but i was a newb then rushing for the win. this time i can play shared fate as a better control player but that's a tale for antoher day when the opportunity opens itself up again. anyways n experience whatsoever and i had to make tweaks to my deck to boot! a quick read at mondu's primer gave me enough basic knowledge piloting the deck. experience would teach the rest. i was packing tech in the form of umezawa's jitte which saved my ass against 2 games. one was with arvin piloting gifts. yeah a resolved piledriver against a blue control deck is nothing to laugh about specially if it is wearing a jitte. elvish spirit guide actually joined the fun. lsot the other two games though, one was to a misplay of REB and another to well tinker... to be fair with jitte was super tech! yeba MF RULES!!! i made so many misplays in the tourney but as luck would have it i made it to the top. well to the silvery top. my matches were interesting and exciting. it was fun to relish the feeling of comboing again, though i only ripped once. haha and i didn't even realize that i was able to rip that turn more later.

top 8 matches.
first was against budget stax. easy enough win because of opponent killing himself. game 2 had me with a lackey but no gobs to put down but still opponent did most of the work for me.

next match was against ponsi's uw fish. 2nd time to match up. hard fights all around. the world was getting darker and darker as ponsi resolved 2 meddling mages naming ringleader and recruiter. then he resolved a jitte and popped it to ringleader meddling mage. and he attacked with it. i then gempalmed the other mage. it was a misplay on his part which allowed me to steal the win via combo. next turn i resolved a food chain sacrificing my prospector for a recruiter, then my recruiter for gempalm and my gempalm for ringleader. the end.

the last match was with jm crisostomo piloting ww/u mondu style which i faced-off against in my earlier vintage days, as luck would have it while i played shared fate.

my first game should've been the win but i made a mistake of playing a non-basic land first then resolving a recruiter. stacking a perfect stack because next turn i have mana to cast foodchain with another land i kep in my hand. i foolishly forgot to stack the prospector and jm wasted the stompnig grounds. /gg. game two had me making errors again not waiting until i had 2 removal spells to off the active mother of runes. darn it!!! oh well that's life. experience.

finished second. 2 packs and a watery grave.

lesson learned, fix the mana base accordingly. there were many times when i only had a mox d or just a land to go at the game. it was hard... very very hard... don't stack too early, if ever stack with a contingency plan.

still it was a great fight.


Sunday, October 22, 2006

a new blog

hi guys. i'm not too sure why i've moved on to blogger beta but mark swears this one is better so here's to giving new things a whirl. there's been a lot of nothing going on since sem break. i'm looking to a better semester. there are so many things i have to fix, but here's to new opportunities.

oh and if i still screw up this sem, i'm killing myself :D

i'm serious.