Monday, October 30, 2006

tourney report

updates to my vintage ranking, i am now at 43, page 3... darn, still waiting for the next two to pop in because the prior one had me at a 0-2-1 drop then the subsequent one at 5-2-1 2nd place. (to franz's chagrin and now newfound nickname...silver collector.) i will get to the first page!!! you watch! cheng's the new first placer followed by retired jp who i have never met then lauren and marcelle. tx talaga malupit. haha basta MF will have it's moment!!!

Oct 29 SM Fairview Vintage Tournament. Time Spiral Legal.

what to expect, i have no idea. i wasn't planning on playing landstill, and i don't think i will try to play landstill in an aggro meta that much. i was thinking of playing affinity, i already had a decklist but looking for pieces is a different banana. hello... no disciple of the vault? ancient den (just getting all the artifact lands in order)? no siree deck won't run. so i had to take the next best constructed thing available at MF HQ... FCG.

i have no experience playing fcg, barring the time i resolved shared fate against an fcg... mmm... good fun times. but i was a newb then rushing for the win. this time i can play shared fate as a better control player but that's a tale for antoher day when the opportunity opens itself up again. anyways n experience whatsoever and i had to make tweaks to my deck to boot! a quick read at mondu's primer gave me enough basic knowledge piloting the deck. experience would teach the rest. i was packing tech in the form of umezawa's jitte which saved my ass against 2 games. one was with arvin piloting gifts. yeah a resolved piledriver against a blue control deck is nothing to laugh about specially if it is wearing a jitte. elvish spirit guide actually joined the fun. lsot the other two games though, one was to a misplay of REB and another to well tinker... to be fair with jitte was super tech! yeba MF RULES!!! i made so many misplays in the tourney but as luck would have it i made it to the top. well to the silvery top. my matches were interesting and exciting. it was fun to relish the feeling of comboing again, though i only ripped once. haha and i didn't even realize that i was able to rip that turn more later.

top 8 matches.
first was against budget stax. easy enough win because of opponent killing himself. game 2 had me with a lackey but no gobs to put down but still opponent did most of the work for me.

next match was against ponsi's uw fish. 2nd time to match up. hard fights all around. the world was getting darker and darker as ponsi resolved 2 meddling mages naming ringleader and recruiter. then he resolved a jitte and popped it to ringleader meddling mage. and he attacked with it. i then gempalmed the other mage. it was a misplay on his part which allowed me to steal the win via combo. next turn i resolved a food chain sacrificing my prospector for a recruiter, then my recruiter for gempalm and my gempalm for ringleader. the end.

the last match was with jm crisostomo piloting ww/u mondu style which i faced-off against in my earlier vintage days, as luck would have it while i played shared fate.

my first game should've been the win but i made a mistake of playing a non-basic land first then resolving a recruiter. stacking a perfect stack because next turn i have mana to cast foodchain with another land i kep in my hand. i foolishly forgot to stack the prospector and jm wasted the stompnig grounds. /gg. game two had me making errors again not waiting until i had 2 removal spells to off the active mother of runes. darn it!!! oh well that's life. experience.

finished second. 2 packs and a watery grave.

lesson learned, fix the mana base accordingly. there were many times when i only had a mox d or just a land to go at the game. it was hard... very very hard... don't stack too early, if ever stack with a contingency plan.

still it was a great fight.


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