Monday, October 30, 2006

on the way home

going to fairview was a daunting task. that i would be going on my own made it harder. commuting is fun for me, if i know where i am going and how my destination looked like. sm fairview wasn't in either of those. nonetheless an adventure! so i took the train to q ave then boarded an fx for the fair view (really far) then hopped over to sm fairview and joined the tourney. see previous post. on the way home was an entirely different banana. since we finished at around 8:30 (which was really early, last time i hit 2nd we finished at 10:30.) in order to get back home i had to take an fx then a bus then 2 jeeps or a jeep and a long walk which i opted for. i was with naps ponsi chris jm zoilo and hm i forgot who was with naps. it was a fun ride joking about the tourney. its always fun to be around the vintage community. one we got off at sm north to take the bus to blumentritt only ponsi chris and i were left. then ponsi and i got off to take a jeep to sta cruz. it was interesting to be talking about life and all the baggage it brings. sometimes i forget how young i actually am and who i'm competing with. well i'll be joining the ranks of 20 and up soon but still hehe. we discussed careers, life, love. i got some really good advice from him with regards to graduating and friendship. its really different going around with various circles. fun experiences! the sad thing about our last jeepney ride was that ponsi kept warning me about the route that i'll be taking, because he'll be getting off earlier. tayuman is dark and dangerous according to him. and there are gangs and all. he told me to stay near the entrance and get off if a group of people suddenly get near. i already know these things but what was sad about it was when would the philippines be safe enough for these advices to be obsolete.
when can this country live peacefully. in places in canada and america, some people do not lock their house doors or car doors. people smile at each other, greet each other, talk to each other without subtext, without fear of being gagged/kidnapped/raped and a perfect world. will we ever get to that perfect world?

as i walked home, i was pondering that. i guess i'm lucky never to run into thugs while commuting, hope my luck keeps going on! i guess the climate really says a lot about the people living with the conditions. let's hope for a better tomorrow. let's work for a better tomorrow.

a random thing, while i was at a street near my house the sky suddenly went white and a loud bang resounded! it wasn't raining so i thought the sky was falling! yes i actually thought that, don't blame me it was a brilliant white streak at the whole sky! as i ran home i saw the lights of the buildings die. i sighed with relief as it dawned to me that it was just the generator/transformer whatever thingumajiggy produces electricity exloded. haha wala lang.

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