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PTQ San Diego 2HG Tournament Report

PTQ San Diego Two-Headed Giant Tournament

Team Go:
Osmond Go---RB support
Paolo Go------GU fatties

I had all the removal (Sudden Shock, Sudden Death, Strangling Soot, Midnight Charm, Fury Charm, Shambling Swarm), cheap beats and beats with evasion (Corpulent Corpse, That Swampwalking Lemur, Skirk Shaman) and Empty the Warrens and Boom//Bust...and Ground Rift and Dust Corona..... Um...Yeah... :D

and Pao had the suspend fatties plus Psionic Blast, Spectral Force, Gaea's Anthem and Teferi ($$$ bawi) oh and 2 Mire Boas.

Game 1 Team R3negade

I developed pretty well as did my opponents but Pao got stuck without any green sources. At the time that Pao tapped for a spell and passed the turn, our opponent activates his Phyrexian Totem and swings. Pao @#$#@ Psionic Blast $#%@%!!! I cheese it with a Orcish Cannonade. Things even out for us for a while since Pao was still screwed. Eventually, we power up a Ground Rift powered turn then our opponents play a Bogardan Rager and Pao pumps the critter it (Skirk Shaman) blocks with Strength in Numbers.


Game 2 Team Spiral Co Go

Pao gets a perfect curve. That is Turn 1 suspend Baloth, Turn 2 suspend Ephemeron, Turn 3 suspend Viscerid 'walker and some other stuff. After which Spectral Force joined the party.
I handle their early beats. Subterrainean Shambler pawning Faceless Devourer and Mire Boa is pretty good! :D


Game 3 1 Dozen Eyes (Mark Rivera and...)

Ok their deck has 2 Tenebs. This match was just way too badly played on our part as we had 5 misplays. Anyway our opponent powers up a 3 storm count Volcanic Awakening removing Pao's blue sources. Soonafter I Melancholy Mark's Bog Serpent, they Boom//Bust. I play Swamp and Vampiric Link that serpent. Pao and I draw into more lands and proceed to stabilize.
The end was a Utopia Vow+Ground Rift storm-powered turn for the win. And a Psionic Blast the turn before.

1. Veiling Oddity or that thing that unsuspends to unblockability and Viscerid 'walker were suspended. I had Warrens and Pao has Mire Boa, a morph, and Gemhide Sliver. I also had Keldon Marauder. So our mistake was not playing Warrens for 5 then attacking the next turn when the oddity resolves for 15 damage. Pao could've played the Gemhide Sliver first then cast the next two spells he had in hand in the next turn when the 'walker resolves. Then I cast my marauder then Empty the Warrens for 10 tokens.

2. Teferi hits play Pao has morph critters in his hand and 6 mana open. He also had Dismal Failure. Opponents pass the turn. He does nothing...

3. Twice

4. There's a removal spell that hits our 'walker, Pao pumps it and does not realize the pumping it does not add to it's toughness. The mana used could have flashed Teferi into play.

5. Sooting a Nantuko Shaman instead of a Viscerid 'walker.


Game 4 Powerpuff
Pao suspends the beats then plays a Gaea's Anthem. I play the removal. We flood the board. Then our opponent casts Porphyry Nodes and passes the turn to us. We do the math, I cast Boom//Bust.


Game 5 Jaro Brothers (um...duh...)
Ok they are playing seriously broken removal and light beats with only Calciderm and 2 Crovaxes to top their curve.
I Mindstab turn one and force Crovax to enter the graveyard. We just keep casting critters and they keep killing them. We eventually pump out more critters than they can handle.
Pao casts Spectral Force and gets ready to swing the next turn. Jaro Brothers draw and...
Out of the corner of Dominaria a time rift opens (well not really) and a gigantic Shivan Meteor slams into our Spectral Force with a resounding blam! As Jaro slams it down on the critter.


Game 6 Each Hit and I (Nick Ortega and Manchester Sy)
Both of us were mana screwed as the game progressed.

Pao and I decide to keep our hands as they were pretty decent anyway. I had turn 1 Mindstab and Pao has Gemhide Sliver. Needless to say we got our asses beat. But Pao had his Shaper Parasite kill a morphed Akroma :D One question remains here if I had used Sudden Death on the Rathi Trapper instead of the morphed Shaper Parasite, I think we would have won.

Game 7 Phil=Pulitika

Top 4 Phil=Pulitika

So we walk away with $$$ and a lot of packs. Go Team Go!

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