Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Summer days

The distance between Escaler and SS has never been this far...

RegCom days are going by. I only have three more days of dutiful working to go since I will be taking Saturday off for an audition and a party afterwards.

Being in RegCom is relatively fun, you get to meet a lot of people, tone your muscles. lol. I've been carrying chairs, tables, heavy stands and whatnot to various locations in ADMU. I'm way out of shape. hahaha. A few more days to go...

Kathleen and Leo's birthday celebration

Lan Zhou La Mien. Yeah we tried it. The noodles are kinda ok. Kinda :D, I'd prolly go there if I were too lazy to head over to Wai Ying since it is a stone's throw from my house.

The short dinner continued into a random hanging-out session at my place. Yeah WTF, some light booze: Vodka Cruiser, Tsingtao Beer, Gin, and for those who don't drink some fruit wine. Mahjong, Pusoy Dos, and "Poker"...Seriously guys, if you want to bond (make kwento as Clar so puts it), let's do it elsewhere in a more conducive environment ie Starbucko. The room is meant for gambling albeit not that snazzy but still, I was really looking forward to some real poker. Sunod ulit, preferably planned :D


Yeah I've been meeting new people. What amazes me is the extent of these people's expertise and passion. I should find my genius... I really should. Oh and these connoisseurs, if you must know are Graphic Novels, Film, and Pornography. Yeah, I've been meeting some interesting people.

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lizette said...

you're a good writer. isn't that your genius? something you're passionate and knowledgeable about?

deep! anyways, please visit me at http://lizette.i.ph ^_^ thankies!