Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Ok, I haven't had the chance to watch Ocean's 13 and Transformers. I think I'll just download the former, and with the latter I hope Direq doesn't forget that we're watching it together. :D

What I was able to watch just recently are:
Cyrano de Bergerac
You Got Served
Evan Almighty (God bless the internet!)

Cyrano de Bergerac

Well this movie was from 1990 with Gerrard Depardieu playing the lead. All I can say is that it's a must see. Depardieu shows why when non-French people hear the words "French actor," his name pops up. Brilliant acting.

You Got Served

I'm contemplating downloading Stomp the Yard now. This movie was just I don't know... lacking a whole lot of stuff, from acting to script, of course nothing on choreo (amazing dance moves!)

It's just annoying how there are instances when the actors look like they forget their lines. The characters are just meh. It offers no new insights whatsoever as well as possibly painting a negative picture to whities and Asians. Call me paranoid but the ethnic differences between the groups and the character attachments are quite evident. And the whole Lil' Kim? WHAT THE HECK? She looked really weird there, and her script was exactly like what it is, a script. There is no trace of reality with what she was saying. Oh and the "father figure" big black guy whatever his name was? Just brushing off celeb security? WTF? Seriously, they should have pushed this character further I mean you can't really see how he's supposed to know everything when all he does at the start of the movie is host the dance contests.

Evan Almighty

Now this is a really really great movie. Of course there already is a suspension of belief about the seriousness of the characters. I mean Wanda Sykes as a congressman's assistant? No way.

The movie plays around a lot with the characters. There's a lot of puns and figurative language going on that contribute to the humor of the movie. Note major corporate sponsorship from General Electric and Idiot's Guide :p

But seriously the story and the direction were excellent. The camera angles show clearly the characters "God" and "Man."

The story this time is God calls Evan Baxter who's campaign slogan is "Change the World" to change the world after Baxter prays to God for the ability to do so. God sets Baxter with Noah's (of Ark fame) job. And from then on the story erupts to include the various themes of the movie.

Following its predecessor Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty hosts several of the usual explanation to God's nature. The implications on prayer, faith, and fellowship are quite strong. It is shown quite clearly how men of faith are called by God and discriminate against by the populace. It is a clear symbol of how people act when they see things bigger than themselves playing in their lives. It really is a masterfully-written script, you have to see it to understand the nuances of the characters of the movie. And in the end, there is a very beautiful message for all of us, but there's a spoiler alert.

The "Ark" is given by the movie a new meaning. It is termed as an act of random kindness. Despite is literal figure given in the movie, the Ark symbolizes that each person has the power to change the world by helping each other out. Just as the litereal Ark works on a form of contagion (population increase) thus so is the treatment of random acts of kindness.

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