Saturday, September 15, 2007

It sucks to get sick

There are few moments in my academic career that I can truly describe myself as MAGIS. When I got sick the past week, that would be one of them, of course in the dumbest sense. My fever started when I made my way back home on Monday. With mind-numbing pain, aching joints, and fever, I took the jeep then walked the rest of the way home. When I got home, I slept. And slept. And slept.

I forced myself to go to school the following days until the fourth day when my family started getting worried as the fever hadn't broken. I had a cbc platelet test and then went to the doctors. So apparently, I have a virus thingy, not dengue though. Up to now I'm not sure if I'm perfectly well yet. I'll have to get a full blood chemistry done, see if my platelets are back on a healthy level and if the rest of my body is intact.

But what did I do after my fever broke? Comm Res.

Now because of Comm Res, viewing pornography, playing DotA, going in gay bars, laughing at comedy bars, etc, are now considered academic research :D So our group went to Zirkoh on Friday to do our research.

Um yeah, booze :D

It was my first time in a comedy bar and it was pretty fun. It kind of annoyed me how a large chunk of filler action was happening when the performers sang. But when the jokes came, they really brought the house down.

Since we had to have permission from the management, we weren't allowed to conduct interviews that day. So it was just participant observation. It was quite fascinating to note the quirks of the Philippines comedy scene. We're still going to analyze this strange fixation of Filipinos and the body.

Foreigners were also around Zirkoh, that day there were Americans, a Malaysian, and Russians. Allan K was pretty up front and at em whities. He showed them the otso-otso and when the American (who was pretty good looking) couldn't do it, he showed him a "new" one that is supposed to be launched daw. The onse-onse, which involved putting ones hands on their waist while doing pelvic thrusts. His instructions were then, ok you do the onse-onse, I'll do the otso-otso, and he began to bend over...

It was seriously shocking. I had no idea that Filipinos were very open and tongue-in-cheek with matters of sexuality and practices. Funny trivia, gay people think pussies look like tarantulas: they're ugly.

Tonight we'll be doing another round of research. This time it's Francis M. headlining. We'll see what the night brings.

Um, yeah... MORE BOOZE!!!

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