Friday, September 07, 2007

Manila Book Fair

I missed the proxy tourney last Sunday because I volunteered for Read or Die. Pretty good stuff. I didn't get to hang out at the book fair because I was assigned at the forums. Interesting though being a runner/Anvil's bitch (as Mia so fondly puts it) as I ran into a lot of friends along the way, both from relatives to Ateneo to SJCS (several batches.)

The great thing about the day was being able to listen to the guest speakers. I was really impressed with the panels of speakers. Tin, the organizer, did a great job putting that bit together. It was seriously insane how she managed to recall everything she had researched about all the speakers! Seriously, those are CVs of each panelist. That's just insane.

Either way the panelists ranged from all sides of the book creating team, from writers to artists to publishers; critics to readers! It was great sitting through the whole day just listening.

I think I've been inspired to give writing a try haha.

I can't wait for next year's activities!

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