Monday, November 06, 2006

tourney report for nov 5

it was a great tourney! not particularly happy with how i finished though, only at 12th place with the final standings of 2-1-2. played against aggro slivers, loam control, scepter chant, gifts, and ug wtf. weird weird day. i had two draws despite my piloting fcg, the uber aggro deck. once again i made several play errors which cost me games. against mike's scepter chant game two i could've won by sacing to sgc a gobo at eot followed by 3 more sac then attack ftw because mike didn't have enough mana to pay the kicker of the imprinted chant! i didn't notice darn! against johan i didn't mulligan my hand which eventually cost me the game. sayang talaga.

well next time lessons learned. mull, be attentive and use tin street hooligan (thanks allan!)

once again it was a fun day. this time we were at jupiter's BCI. we really felt the love! we had discounted meals yeba! airconditioned, great service. CLEAN, REAL TABLES! lunch was great, coz even though i was the only one who represented my team i was accompanied by tx's arvin and indi rommel. the rest of the community sat with their respective teammates. and my job as photographer ensued. haha great fun seeing the teams together, TX, chopsuey, budget, classic erm MF? pics are here.

tx has a playmat designed by none other than quix maiquez who was a regular contributor to heights back then. cool stuff. more jokes, more magic c/o marcelle. ponsi randomly screaming "yugi, watch out!" and having top deck moments accompanied by... "heto na...heto na... [not the card you needed] AH!!! dubi dubi dubi, handshake bi dubi dubi du. haha joke time talaga. great fun, great community. later hitched a ride with mike and we were talking about how vintage grew. it was reborn at mike's shop and when he decided to close it, lauren took it up and it's still relatively healthy. good times. we also talked about my team visiting and playing at mike's shop back when we were in high school, and look now...we're college sophomores. how time passes. how the good times roll.

side note, i really need to get powered.

vintage forever!

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