Tuesday, December 26, 2006


i had a blast in cebu.

i've been eating like a king for 5 days now (despite my on and off stomach problem.) and i'm probably a bit heavier than i remember. weighing myself now. OMG. i'm still underweight. this has to change. my new year's resolution will be personal but here's one that's public. GAIN WEIGHT!!!

anyway, being with family has been a great big breath of fresh air for me. i really enjoyed my stay. seeing my family makes things so wonderful (i haven't seen them for more than 5 years i think). pictures to be posted eventually.

it was beautiful. i could really see that meals shared together bring families together. our banter and bonding came mostly from the dinner tables. i got to eat guama's hong ba again. hehe or lo ba, turns out it wasn't the one but still! the meat melts in your mouth... sigh... then auntie ingred's mango pandan and uncle newton's porkchops (which i didn't get to sample sniff...) the next time i'll be visiting, i'll have a special dish as well! seeing people eat with so much delight is amazing! remember the movie chocolat? when there was a chocolate themed dinner and the film showed you the characters partaking in their meal with heavenly smiles. yeah, we were like that. it was amazing. i wish i had gotten everyone on video!

this christmas would be the most memorable one i've ever had. this time, i really felt like i had a family outside of mom dad and atchi. it's just great to see and connect with my relatives. this christmas was fun, great fun!

there's a lot else i'd like to say about what i did and where i went, but i guess i'll keep my memories for myself. :D pictures to be uploaded in multiply soon!

random things about cebu :
1. it is so clean... (i'm not sure if this is about the failed asean summit but damn! check it out!)
2. it is relatively small (everyone knows everyone apparently, and ...small...)
3. koreans are taking over it. seriously, there's a korean everywhere! haha
4. the gay people aren't parlor gays. that or i haven't been around very much
5. it is very very beautiful. the people, the environment. the pace is a bit slower than that of manila's

nothing says "welcome home" like disappointment.

and that is to put a damper on my otherwise beautiful break. it sucks to be reminded of hassles and past misfortunes. i guess i had a real vacation this time, albeit for a short time only. i want a longer vacation. i'd like to forget all the bad, shitty times. i'd like to forget about my deals that have gone wrong, i'd like to forget about a lot of people.

sigh... to leave. to live. not very different. i want to leave.

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