Tuesday, December 26, 2006

mean girls

i saw this movie during my christmas vacation. the first time i saw it, that is. haha it really was a laugh trip! it has a lot of powerful messages for the viewers. it was just so odd with the, i dunno but it seemed exaggerated? well thats america for you. funny funny stuff. the actors/ess were really good. they played their parts perfectly. it takes a lot of discipline to pull of their gags with a straight face. really great stuff!

the themes of teenage sexuality were pretty good. that mother was pretty freaky. walks into daughter boinking "if you need anything like snacks or a condom, just let me know." WHAT THE HE#$?!?!?! and also the other sister learning to dance and flash her breasts on tv. unregulated media consumption. brilliant. just like this movie. oops. :D

the concept of a burn book is very interesting. makes you wonder what other people think of you. its a strange way of looking for testimonials right? :D

all in all, it was a great and funny movie. i'd like to see it again. and laugh at it all over again. the clique thing just gets so done to deth that its funny.

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