Sunday, February 18, 2007


Life's going on I guess.

Show's over. It went well. I don't really have the right to say I did a good job as there was something that I could've gone over to make the show better. I lack discipline, drive, responsibility. These things I will labor to inculcate in my life. I owe so much to the people who have helped me...

Nonetheless, the shows were really fun. Pictures to be uploaded in Multiply one of these days.

School stuff is starting to pile up again. I'm really really pissed at how my groupmate is so useless. Seriously. Work is piling up... Hay...


Music and Lyrics

So yeah, Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. The movie is rather plainly laid out. A very simple story, with a very predictable ending, with highly improbable scenarios. There is no critical thinking, just funny moments, witty lines and the charm of the actors to carry the movie. Meh...

The Holiday

Now we're talking! Maraming kilig moments :D The movie lends its concept of love to the viewers. It, through various directional techniques, makes the viewers feel the scene. There is briliance with every location, angle, and word in the movie.

The actors were very well casted. It really is amazing how the story can put in various themes of spontaneity and empowerment! There were so many heart rending scenes as well as the viewers see their lives progress. It is rather improbable that those two children both have cellular phones at their age! Wala lang. But still it is amazing to watch those two women who decide to swap homes and in the end earn new lives. Maybe that is how life is? We must regularly have catharses to realize what we need. Going outside of our spheres of influence will lead us to new experiences and opportunities.

There is a lot more I want to say but I don't have much time, the new episode of Lost is waiting :D Just watch the movie! With a special someone preferably. Kilig moments talaga!


These days, I find myself thinking more and more about you. I wonder if I am in for something serious...

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Paulo said...

You do have drive. Getting home at 10+ entails a lot of sacrifice :) Don't pressure yourself too much, that's all.

Glad to hear your thoughts. Now I am not gonna bother with Music and Lyrics and will go straight to The Holiday :D