Tuesday, March 06, 2007

GP Singapore Tournament Report

Making my deck was a rather long process. It involved a lot of resolve and dedication to run black white. After all, I had sworn that I would play black white. The problem however is what kind of deck I would ran. Paolo Go ymed me and suggested that I run Damnations, Bob, Exalted Angels, and Jotun Grunts. Then Bola ymed me and told to sleep and play with a deck that I'm familiar with. So I went with the same banana, I Hate Everybody (Reprise) No decklist kiddies :D

Round 1 against Trinket Tog
I was later told I played against Singapore's National Champion...'s Twin.
Game 1
I roll a 4 he rolls a 5 and he elects to go first.
him : Turn 1 fetchland, go
me : Turn 1 fetchland, go. EOT he breaks his Delta and I break mine in response. His look was priceless, but when I fetched a Godless he relaxed a bit.
him : Plays Island and Counterbalance, go.
me : [OMGWTF I'm screwed!] Play land. Play Gerrard's Verdict. He tops up a Bob. #$@&! Go.
him : Plays tapped Watery, Bob, go.
me : Play land. Vindicate Counterbalance? He flips over TFK. @#$%! Go.

he then proceeds to resolve Trinket for Sensei's and a Tog. To my credit, a Bob and a Grunt came down but when he decided to attack I misplayed with assigning blockers. As it were I would have lost anyway as I looked at the top cards in library and found no answers to Tog.

Game 2
Early CounterTop lock /gg


Round 2
I get paired up against this random combo jank deck. It's RUB and seems to require an immense amount of luck to pilot.
To the pilots credit, game 1 saw me tendrilsed twice for the win. Games 2 and 3 had Cranial and Extirpate raping the deck.


Round 3
I get paired up against Affinity. Oh crap...
Let's just say we both got rather fast starts but slow follow throughs. Imagine getting beaten by Blinkmoth Nexi... Without counters or Plating.


Round 4
Starting to feel depressed and I was paired up against this prick of a player... basta yun tipong humihirit ng hirit... He was player RG Beast Utility. I know appreciate Stomphowler Indrik, and the power of Contested Cliffs.

Game 1
Lost to beats

Game 2
Spectral Lynx with SoFI? Whatcha gonna do?

Game 3 saw us both at a Standstill as I had several Lynxes and he had lots of beaters plus 3 Contested Cliffs. I couldn't attack for fear of dying the next turn. He couldn't attack coz none of his beats trample. I eventually drew more threats and won. Learning to appreciate Ancient Grudge as well. It's amazing!


Round 5
I get paired up against Goblins.
Game 1
He keeps a slow hand, I power out early beats with Jitte back-up.

Game 2
Parang Vintage!
him : Mountain, Rite of Flame, Chrome Mox imprinting Matron. Play Warchief. Go
me : Land, go.
him : Piledriver. Piledriver. Swing.
me : @#$%!#%#$%#@%#!$

Game 3
As he jokingly put it, Silver Knight plus Worship does him in. Apparently, he opted not to run the Barbarian Rings for Stomping Grounds Ancient Grudge tech.


Round 4
Damn DCI Reporter is biased. I get paired up with Chrysler piloting Goblins.
Serg sees us and laughs, "Ano to FNM?"
I say, "Pare, mahal na talaga ng FNM ngayon!"
Chrysler, "Di, nagpunta kami sa Singapore para lang magFNM."

I win.


Round 5
I get paired up against Flow Rock. Except this version was slower, ran Kokusho and Smallpox.

I win both games though we were at various standstills all throughout the game. Baloths are annoying. Witnesses getting Baloths ...ew...


Round 6
If I win this, I think I would have made it to day 2. I get paired up to some Chinese prick who lies to me. He played UW Tron with Gifts lock. The horror...

Game 1
I just play the beats. He has Chinese cards. So I had to read most of them and seeing as how my Chinese isn't perfect I had some trouble. When he laid down his Talisman of Progress and I asked him if it produced Blue and Black, he said Talisman of Progress... So all the while I thought it produced Blue and Black, it cost me the game I guess. But then again, if he had countered my Vindicate targetting his Signet then he would have probably countered a Vindicate targetting his Talisman. Screw you though. Lying prick.

Game 2
Yeah we delayed the whole GP. Here's why:
I play Gerrard's Verdict. He plays Thirst for Knowledge in response. He dumps two lands then a Mindslaver and I tell him, you have to discard one more card. Then he goes, in Chinese, something like don't complain, I'm giving you 6 life. I call the judge. What ensues is various story telling. Cursing SJCS (Wish I spoke better Chinese.) Judges crowding around us. Basically our story deviates with when he said I gained 6 life. I said he declared the life gain only so when he discarded Slaver, which the lying bastard did, he just assumed that I got the point of gaining 6 life with the first 2 lands discarded. He had written on his life total to prove it but nope he didn't tell me. His version saw him declaring that I was gaining 6 life. In the end, the Head Judge declared that the spells would follow the stack and he had to discard an extra card and I wouldn't gain any life. While this was being said, that prick went on in Chinese something something ki yi ma? And I'm like, DAMN DUDE NOW YOU'RE @#$!ING ASKING FOR A FAVOR! But the Head Judge's decision stands. Now I'm not one to question the judge but in my humble opinion, the decision shouldn't have had taken that long, read 20 minutes. If he discards 2 cards then it would automatically be for the TFK since the Verdict hasn't even resolved yet. You can't discard for the Verdict while TFK is still resolving. Either way I proceed to win that game.

Game 3 was a draw. I misplayed playing around a WoG and over-committed and then he established control with Spellburst buyback. Can't do shit. Time was called and the last 5 turns saw us staring at each other until he plays TFK then Condescends it then topdecks a Repeal which he used on my Needle. Then he activated it to get Trike back. Then draws it via TFK, then plays Gifts and I give him nothing of note. He got Mindslaver, Plats, TFK, Serum Visions. He plays Trike and shoots me down to one life. He was down to 2. Game ends in a draw.

Or something to that effect. Basta yan yun nangyari. Down to 1 ako down to 2 siya.
Well no politics since all the judges were staring at us.
Turns out he was 59th, and I was 100th.


I ended up placing 82nd.

Damn... Lumaban yun deck. Ako hindi. Shameful... I'm still contemplating about quitting Magic. Pero... I don't know. I hope my ratings will shoot up, after all I did win several games in a row. Sana naman 1850 or something para hindi na ako magConstructed until Nationals.


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