Tuesday, March 27, 2007

hindsight is 20/20

Summer Happenings

Nothing. I'll be bumming. Except I'll be a very active bum. No summer. No job. Guess its just me, my books, the operation, and the gym.

Sem, Grades

I have no idea if I can make that B in my QPI. I'm rather happy though because no matter what I've reached the grade requirements for a minor in Economics. My realistic grade forecast versus my if by some miracle but still realistic forecast:
Com 160 B----------------- B+
Com 161 A----------------- A
Sa 21 B-------------------- B+
Hi 18 C-------------------- C+
Sci 10 C -------------------B (the super curvalicious)
Eco C---------------------- C+

Life Evaluation + Emo Stuff

This is going to be way too emo and I don't feel like it right now

Romantic Life

What you say? A love life? I'm interested in a lot of people. Interested not in broad strokes definition. I'm just not sure if I can commit...

Though I walk in the shadows of blah blah blah I fear no evil...
Good lord, I was apparently in enemy territory in a party I went to the other day. I don't know what I can do to make it up to you Phoebe but you look like you've moved on. But then what's with your friend's attitude?

If there is anything you want to talk about, let me know. I'll always be here for you. (I mean it.) If you want me totally out of your life, medyo mahirap yan since we're neighbors and all :D But please please tell me what you want from me.

Series Addictions

Must have Grey's Anatomy. Mmmmm.... Great stuff! The script, the filming, the actors! WOOHOO! And watching this series confirms the impossibility of being a doctor/surgeon. I really can't imagine myself in a position to move and poke around internal organs despite the fact that science has always fascinated me. I need to get some DVDs.

Spacing Out

Everytime I finish a show, log-off the net, take my eyes off a book, I feel like I'm back in reality. Seriously, I'm getting very very detached to everything that I have. Oh wells...

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sparrow said...

Bro... your romantic life is intriguing... XP