Sunday, March 04, 2007

Singapore Trip Day 5

All right, here I am at the airport bound back home.

Rather dismal results because of misplays and lots of stupidity and frustrations in the GP. I finished 5-2-1... One needed at the very least 6-2 to get into the top 64. That 1 at the end was the last match, which was a draw...Which I could've won had I not over-commited... I hate playing around WoG. Damn bluffers...

More to come soon. I'm just killing time.

I think I'll take a break from Magic for a while. I've spent more money in the last 5 days than I usually spend in a year... So yeah... I'll be starving for a while.

So depressing... Oh wells, will update soon to include pictures and more travel itineraries and insights.

I have 20 minutes until boarding, then I fly home... Just in time for Diyco's class. Amazing Race style.


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