Wednesday, January 03, 2007

along the road

i have only 1 class every wednesdays so i was really tempted to skip today's classes but we had to do an interview for com160 so there...that ended (meaning i got back to ADMU) at around 5 then i stopped by NB to get some art supplies and took the train home.

on the station i met a friend so the next 20 minutes went by happily and for lack of a better term more excitingly.

then i decided to walk home, it was at benavidez that i ran into kimberly tsai, an old friend back in SJCS. so we chatted for a while on the street before heading to tasty's for a quick bite, which turned into a meal, to catch up on each other.

so over porkchop rice we talked about SJCS, our lives, our futures (separate our), college, goals, dreams, trivia, life in general. it was fun. and quite odd. where has the time gone? she'd already graduated and was now working. it was odd in the sense that the future decides to stare at you in the face. what is life after college? where will i be? will i still be around binondo? randomly running into friends? it happens ie kathleen, warren, mayen, kenev's bro, etc. or will i get some semblance of the life that i desire? where am i going?

i ask the same question again and again. i do not think i am making progress, i am living life as with my previous sems, day by day and look how splendid it turned out.

things don't look bleak, they don't look anything. men weren't born equal, life isn't equal, the world isn't flat. i have to play the cards that i have been dealt. and it seems like i've been betting on the wrong hands.

poker metaphors. damn.

it was fun. good times. hope i run into more of my friends who i like next time :D

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