Friday, January 12, 2007

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

Gigantic rock? Beautiful ring? What you may not know about your best friend is how it began and how it travelled to the stores, on display, to woo each and every woman. After all, a diamond ring is to some circles a penis. But i digress. I just watched Blood Diamond today with Leonard, and I was blown away.

The story is amazing. It brings the audience to another side of the world, to another culture, to another set of politics. Several juxtapositions of Africa and London/developed nations make the movie all the more effective. Also, the numerous Americanized situations in Africa enforce the ignorance of the desire for the diamonds. The scenes are graphic and tastefully directed. Throughout the movie, the idyllic scenery shots belie the horrors of the goings-on in the country. the movie, in itself carries a lot of themes and symbolisms. The cyclical reference to the earth versus the ambitions of a young man, brilliant, just brilliant! The father and son scenes are very well directed so as to wet the viewers' eyes, that being said the script and music couldn't be better. Leonardo di Caprio once again shines in his role. He is cool and practiced, but all of his being unravels when he senses his imminent death. His face changed so much in that scene, it was beautiful. From when he resigned himself to his fate, to his talk with Jennifer Connelly! Golden!

The child army scenes were very effective in telling the viewers the modus operandi of the RUF. Children toting guns is a very scary sight. The movie speaks a lot about desire. The movie itself revolves around three main characters who reluctantly are polarized to each other with each his/her own goals to pursue. And each of those goals are complex, different; all the more to give the characters more character and to profoundly expound their positions in the movie.

The blood diamond, a diamond with a pinkish tint, and in the movie around 100 karats, symbolizes our rare bouts of success. Finding it is extremely hard, with roadblocks along the way, but as Leonardo learns in the movie, one might not have the longevity to use that which he fights to gain. It was an unfortunate fate, but as he resigns himself and says, "i'm where I belong," we can see that the journey has changed his life, his perspectives.

I'd highly recomment you guys to watch this film! It's a bit long though, I'm not sure whether or not they could've removed some scenes but I like it the way it is.

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