Sunday, January 14, 2007

stuff to do

as was suggested by tiff and furthered by my irrate mental state right now

movies to watch : (discluding obvious blockbusters and mainstream new movies)

1. equilibrium
2. battle royale
3. 2 french art films
4. 6 kurosawa films (pacing myself)
5. monsoon wedding
6. the last emperor
7. the talented mr. ripley
8. the emperor's club
9. the black dahlia
10. house of flying daggers
11. chunking express
12. gods and monsters
13. space balls (oh yeah we love you mel brooks!)
14. say anything
15. a clockwork orange
16. cyrano de bergerac

books to read

1. saramago (they are begging to be read...)
2. some computer software self-help stuff
3. america's boy
etc. (these are what i have)

what i do not have but want to read
1. umberto eco
2. latest john grisham novels (nakakamiss talaga minsan)
3. gabriel marquez (what the hell, 100 years was a pain to read but it was magnificent! why not the rest)
4. drawing fantasy characters and monsters-kev walker (mtg people, kilala niyo siya!)
5. the tipping point

a lot to do... a lot to do...

slightly pissed at my performance today. 3 misplays, good lord what is wrong with me. they cost me extreme board positional losses and 2 game losses. hay ano ba yan! extremely pissed at some people. really miffed at the existence of such a brainless deck ie oath.

i don't want to say it but if you can't beat them... join them... WTF kill them roflcopter. hay...maybe next time. baduy kasi magoath nakakburat lang talaga maglaro ng auto-win. but we'll see. i'm getting sick of losing to the same deck. had fun today though, played a rather diverse set of games like madness, salvagers/masknaught (oh the oakleys!), oath (powered, i lost...go figure...), bw disruption (argh my creation! well somewhat haha), semi-powered dragonstorm, fcg. not bad. quite diverse this country is rofl. sad though that mainstays like fonzi and marco and marcelle and johan weren't there, it was eerily quiet, though nigz' presence compensation package.

til next time!

vintage forever!

can anyone help me secure copies of these movies and books?

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Ellie said...

i've seen 6 out of your list (1, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12). "the last emperor" & "chungking express" are classics, as always. i really loved "the talented mr. ripley", one of my favorite films (there were some holes in the plot but then it's still delightful). "the house of flying daggers" is my recent favorite asian movie, the cinematography is so lovely, the colors magnify all emotions. memory failed me on "gods and monsters", i can only recall some parts... all i know was that it shocked me somewhere haha ;)

i watched "babel" last saturday.. good enough, yeah... but it didn't affect me much.

my must-watch list would include
classics - "citizen kane", "a clockwork orange", "dr. strangelove", "casablanca", "the philadelphia story"

stuff i want to check out - "the virgin suicides", "the girl with a pearl earring", "garden state", "match point" & "wimbledon", "american psycho", "memento", "shine", "marie antoinette", "dirty pretty things" ... (... i'm forgetting a lot!)

recent films - "little miss sunshine", "notes on a scandal", "stranger than fiction", "the good shepherd", "pan's labyrinth"

*** "america's boy" the one on dubya? lol. i also want to read "the tipping point" -- i'm mesmerized into getting a copy but i got no budget. i'm curious about david sedaris ("me talk pretty one day"). the last grisham i read was "the street lawyer" (c.1999), and i daresay it's one of his best (his recent novels -- the king of torts, the broker -- lacked a lot of the good stuff he had back in the 90s' era). there's a lot of JG's at booksale, priced somewhere between 120+, i get most of his there. cheerio! =)