Wednesday, January 10, 2007

randomness of doom

there are a lot to talk about. rather there was a lot to talk about. there was some topics i wanted to discuss but for some reason i can't remember anymore.damn that back to back sa and eco long tests. brains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well since the only thing i can remember right now is wasting my time watching a jacky chan movie, here goes. as most of you know, my dad is a die-hard jacky chan fan. as long as it is jacky chan, we will watch it, as a family. it didn't matter when or where, as long as it's jacky chan, we will watch (yeah couple years back perio week, jacky chan movie.)

well jacky's latest movie rob b hood is a gigantic disappointment. but since it is a pure chinese film i guess i shouldn't be expecting too much. the humor was slapstick, retarded, and just really dumb. there were several inappropriate dialogues, dumb-ass cracks--"i'm from brokeback mountain" WHAT THE HECK?! the direction spoon fed the audience all the way. the acting was ok, well let's just say the characters did as they were told. music, terribly annoying, a permutation of auld lang syne was playing in most of the scenes. the fight scenes were what you would expect for a jacky chan flick, except they really make most of the cool stuff nonchalant now. youtube the fight in their house to understand, great stuff. the story just a bit off.
in the end i guess if slapstick is your cup of tea, this is for you. but it's jacky chan so yeah...

interesting is the not-so-blatant advertising of pepsi throughout the movie. it's just so random to have the side of an apartment complex painted with a pepsi mural.

in the end, it really is a bundle of laughs, slapstick or otherwise. get a dvd, it just isn't worth the money to watch on the big screen.

the trailers, were the redeeming part of the trip. hm...sounds like doa all over except doa had babes. but here is one of the most brilliant comedy trailers i have ever seen.

throughout history, God had appeared to his chosen few

Joan of Arc

(at this point i was pumping my fists into the air!)

and... Evan Baxter. remember the demon tongued anchor? haha i have to watch this movie!

another trailer that got me excited (spiderman is a given) is 23. it sounds really interesting, it's a thriller starring jim carey. yeah! lot's to be excited for. oh and pirates 3 is slated to come out on may!

as we left the theaters i saw a poster of babel. which i meant to blog about early on.

i just saw it last week or so, via dvd from metrowalk. it's a very interesting film. it's like 4 short films packed into one. they are threaded together by relations and deeds. the movie opens with a man selling a rifle to a father and from then on, the events start chaining (or rather unweaving) themselves to the viewers. the scenes are masterfully poignant, the screenplay and photography are brilliant! the music accentuating every scene. the stories of each group of characters are fine in themselves, they represent so much. the themes of miscommunication are visibly seen from the couple's squabbles, the father and his children's upbringing (you killed an american! not only that his sister lets him peep while she takes a bath!), language and culture with regards to the tnt maid and the most heart-rending frustrations of the deaf-mute japanese girl. from my perspective the movie shows a lot of american bias, perhaps to signify the power america has over the world and that each exercise of power america has brings apart another group of people. there are several scenes that really strike me, the japanese girl in the disco with the flashing lights with music turning on and off give us a picture of the color, or lack of color she sees. we see her exhibitionism, her frustrations with her everyday encounters, why is she sex-starved? did she mean to kill herself? the film is beautiful and imaginative. tastefully done and embraces the audience into a world of culture. seriously, the juxtaposition of each scene is a form of art in itself! you guys have to watch this movie!

and after i decided i'd say this the tones of reality hit me. my usual gang of moviegoers has fallen apart. kester has moved to sta ana where he is most inaccessible and well...howell...dear now in america. we will miss you buddy. thinking about the good times we've been having. i remember our overnights, silly jokes, philosophical discussions (how i miss these). there have been several brilliant times we have had with each other. and now you are embarking on to write your own story in the book of life. we will await your return, your stories and your brokebacking...with maxi... the unholy trifecta might see the light of togetherness again, bring carlo in a balikbayan box! it is as if a portion of my life has been lost, legarda seems meaningless to me now. well first street... hehe. movies, our bonding time. cheese. pingpong. everything. sunset sunrise. we will miss you man! see you when we see you!

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