Thursday, February 21, 2008

Events Management: Event 1

Our group. VIP. We rule! XD

The assignment, should we choose to accept, well didn't really have a choice, was to design and launch "an intimate concert."

So we came up with an idea of doing a sneaker exhibit. And..... here, take a pseudo-guided tour of "Elemental Art!"

Yeah cause we're such camwhores! There's the "Ozy needs to work out picture." Anyway... That used to be the registration area.

Enter... Experience....


Next chill in...

Up and at 'em!


And enter our favorite room...

Proceed to the dining area, grab some grub, gulp some booze and mingle.

1 comment:

Wildcard07 said...

You actually pulled it off real nice. :) It's just now that I had the time to see this...nice.