Saturday, February 23, 2008

Random Pictures

Random Pictures:

Most recent:
Choco Loco Party. A buffet of all sorts of chocolate foodstuffs. And a fountain of course to really drown everything in chocolate! Really crazy sugar rush afterwards.

STARSTRUCK!!! That is THE David Guerrero! Ok fine, of BBDO Guerrero-Ortega! The advertising genius behind successful accounts like Pepsi and Pizza Hut among other popular brands. Uber fanboy mode.

Mike and Anne's Wedding with Teams Classic, MF (the lone one) and Budget
And I got wasted because of what happened in Event #1 XD, buti wala nag-isip na magpicture.

Regcom Seniors' Party (Yeah my phone has a crappy camera)
Clockwise from top: Maine (just happened to be there), Nigs, Kitchie, JJ, and me (that represents the Judenites contingent of the Juniors.)
Chino, me, and Wits!
Me and Eric (the insanely tall one)
Me and Yeye
Me and Pao, I should show Tina (his gf) this picture someday
The Juniors!


Wildcard07 said...

Wow, the sugar rush must have been overwhelming, hahaha. And here's where I find the reason for that fanpic of yours in your YM's display image. :)

Raein said...

Are you crazy? You have a really nice cellphone kaya! I wanna steal it nga eh.

Although your phone won't compare to the ultimate camera phone -> N82. Envious much? :b