Tuesday, May 22, 2007



mm.... DSL is good. :D Torrents... mm...

Sharpies... whee......:D Me happy.

And I'm in the process of getting drains again :D

How I Met Your Mother

I'm in a production, a double bill entitled Not Another Cup of Coffee from Roofdeck Productions. I'm really having a lot of fun and things are going...well not great since I'm not delivering as much as my boss likes but things are fine.

What I really love about it is the pegs that I have been given. And thus my bosses have introduced me to this show. Hahaha addictions galore. This is the first straight-up sitcom I've followed and seen in a while. And I'm enjoying it a lot!

I'll be performing around August. Nood kayo ah!

My Girlfriend Who Lives in Canada

To those who get the allusion good for you. But no I am referring to my relatives who have come over to Manila for a while. That being said I think I will be out and about these next few days until my RegCom duties drag me out of the house for two weeks of hellish and ultimately fulfilling volunteer work. Going to be living in Mau's pad. Woot! That's at least 2 hours of extra sleep EVERY DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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