Thursday, May 10, 2007

WTF Ad!!! And no not in the pretty sense.

Anyone seen the Gago ang Oposisyon ads? If not, head over here. Thanks to Shari Cruz (Misteryosa) and Lincaotun for spreading the word about it's existence.

Seen it yet? Good.

Now what in the world is that!!!

Is this even legal in our country? What did the Adboard have to say to this ad or "public service announcement."

It's just funny how the ad was paid for the Friends Against Crime and Corruption (FACC). How aptly names. People who give a FACC. But kidding aside, I hope these FACCers, um yeah, do show their faces and actually do something in the future. Assuming of course that this is an altruistic organization bent to saving the Philippines from crime and corruption. They've spend quite a fortune already with the airing of their ad now I wonder what else they will be doing with their money, wherever they got that from. Hm....

But if your like most skeptics, then you probably know that these FACCers are related to the tutas (oh yeah we love puns) Team Unity.

Now onto the ad!

The tune and lyrics are rather catchy, well-made and well-written to be perfectly fair with them. Kinda sticks to the head doesn't it? Hm... Psychological warfare! (JAUNDICE IS BEHIND THIS!!! BE WARNED ROFL! erm to non-Judenite readers just excuse this.) But seriously come on, eventually this will be stuck in the heads of the people who view these ads. Whether you follow the psychobabble, it HAS an effect. I'm not sure what but I've taken it up in Comm Theory, lolz this is bad...

Then with the imagery. I don't really understand why they have to censor those faces if they are already defaming a certain group then already the attachments are quite apparent. Not familiar? Refer to the ad of DLSU advising parents to invest wisely using the University Rankings Survey results as a backdrop. Was this some sort of ethic/moral issue? Haven't the FACCers realized that their vehicle for their message had already thrown any modicum of ethics?

With "Barkada ni Erap" in the lyrics we can deduce (albeit not totally accurately, like I said maybe the FACCers are altruistic Filipinos) that the enemies of Erap have created this ad. Who is the greatest enemy of Erap? Hm... Gee I wonder who...

"Hindi man lang nagsorry"

This throws all sensibility out the window! In case people haven't notice the Mole of Asia (damn puns!!!) is still sitting comfortably, skipping meals from time to time but still up there in the top, despite CHEATING IN THE ELECTIONS! SHE FREAKING APOLOGIZED! Which apparently given that line in the ad is ENOUGH to appease the masses.

I certainly find this amusing. Just think about it. Let's imagine you guys are in some other country, say America. And for your homework, you've been asked by your professor to read up on the Philippine Elections for president, apparently there was something juicy there. And you read about this Gloria lady and how she duped her whole country. What would you think?

"Smart girl!" ?? or "Dumb country!" ??

How in the heck are we able to look at our children in their faces when they ask us about this? Imagine with those Shrek 2 Puss in Boots eyes your children, asking "What did you do after?" This whole Hello Garci thing will after all be written in the history books. But I guess that's digging up old baggage.

This ad is a wake-up call, and the Philippines has had many already; of how morals are thrown about in this country, of what politicians' motivations are, of what the future holds!

To the voters, the future of the Philippines is in your hands! ...Barring Hello Garci shenanigans.

Woot, but seriously, this IS a democratic nation. Let's practice it.

To the future senators (why Miriam are you not running...), I hope you guys do your jobs well. Correctly, honestly, and most importantly guilt-freely. It is amusing to note that the Philippines is the most religious country in Asia. But looking at the slums and the government processes of the Philippines, how could one prove the statistics awarding the Philippines with this title.

I wonder if the corrupt officials are religious, for with their actions I highly doubt if their reservations in hell could be set in stone any harder. That is if they are religious. If they aren't well, karma and all. What comes around goes around, in this lifetime or the next. Enjoy that Pork Barrel!

EDIT, I just saw the ad while surfing. At the end it tells the viewers to go to Youtube to download the song! WHAT THE HECK!!! IS THAT LEGAL!!! I wonder what Youtube authorities have to say about that!!!

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