Monday, November 13, 2006

don't wait

i'm killing time right now at the rsf. despite having to finish reading some books...i'm here typing.

no chinese essay, no nj star here at the rsf.

the poem don't wait puts things into retrospection. in a perfect world, we would have enough time, sense, and resources to weigh our decisions. we are living life, against time. to win perhaps is the most impossible thing right now, unless time travel has been perfected. no one can win the race against we have to slow down, when we slow down we can think more and answer and recognize our real issues with clarity and peace.

the instances in the poem are quite familiar with each person. can a person truly go through life without making the mistakes/meeting the conditions listed? there are so many decisions that we make each day of our lives. each of those decisions brings about changes, even things that we cannot control. how can we live, without not waiting? life is already moving too fast for us, there are so many tasks we have to accomplish daily. as we slow down, we take deep breaths, we relax and look. where am i heading? why am i going there? what is waiting for me there. slowing down puts things in perspective. just be mindful of the time you spend...good things come to those who wait, but not to those who wait too late...

then again, there's an issue of getting ready, literally not waiting for the things to happen. whilst an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, we cannot antiscipate the screw balls life throws at us. how can you react to a person leaving your life? or a ms right now? accidents? death? random stuff...?

[this essay apparently is rambling on and on.]

in the end, we can only hope to live the best way we know. try and cover our bases, look before we leap and eventually when the summers roll over we can come up with our own aphorisms to guide the next generation.


speaking of aphorisms, had an intersting histo class today. teaching my section is his excellency [roflcopter] neville manaois who is self-proclaimed to be insecure, just psyching us up to his "abuses" (all in good faith) for the sem. lots of itneresting things to come i believe. he's had a lot of experience with students from the blocks he teaches and he looks like a fun prof if a bit sarcastic and in-your-face. interesting. and as we were about to leave the class he told us that he liked ending sessions with quotations.

here was what he said.
it was from the lord of the rings, a powerful message from gandalf.

"you shall not pass!"


hehe. lots of laughs to come i assume.

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