Monday, November 06, 2006

nov 4 gimik

omedetou tanjoubi gozaimas cobang-san to ber-chan!

it was a fun day moa for the gang. pics here.

we met up at sjcs then proceeded to moa. during the car ride hershey and i were discussing business. that's a guy with direction all right. i wouldn't be surprised if he were to be a millioinaire before he gets married. haha and what of me i wonder... but that's another entry for another day.

yellowcab lunch was great, lotsa pizza haha bonded with herschel who i haven't seen for the longest time. i only hoped that we would have more stimulating discussions in the future haha.
it was great seeing old friends. therese, tiffany, shuri, bernice, sisa, herschel, anniline, cobang, a lot of girls with me again but no romantic involvement, the story of my life? wag naman though it is getting rather disturbing with all my college blocks full of girls... oh wells. lets not be too presumptuous haha.

after lunch arcade which unexpectedly lasted the whole day. sayang hindi kami nakapag-ice skating or movie instead. but still cobs gave me the skating tix so i can use them with barkadaincs getaway...whenever that happens diba leo, mark??? timezone the whole day grabe. my exercise comes in the form of dance rev and dance maniax. while i'm not one of those dancing afficionados, i've been inspired by marcelle to actually dance and not just hit the songs. by dance partner sisa however insisted on "dancing" to the harder and faster songs. songs you cannot dance to at all. haha survived but still, i was sweating really really hard. great work out. sisa and i played the machine more than 8 times i think haha. it was fun. as for dance rev, i still got it managing a consistent B for advanced songs. paranoia? kaya pa rin!!! yeba!

til the next gimik i guess!

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