Monday, November 13, 2006

the past few days

in retrospect, i bummed out my semestral vacation.


nonetheless, my room is clean and i've finished one book and i've hung out with my friends.

half-done...i'm still reading hundred years of solitude. i'm only beginning to raed the photoshop book.

things that i didn't get to do :
read pessoa
organize cards
read saramago
get dsl [well the room is clean now, we'll figure it out, with proper timing i'll be surfing faster within this month]
learn [hehe basta]
shop for clothes [erm yeah...mahirap minsan sa greenhills when you get sidetracked haha]

things i swore i would not do :
DOTA the sembreak away.
dammit it 3 days, ano ba yan but kasi ang lakas ng powers ni kester eh!!! hay... oh well. dumaan na rin.

the first two days of school have been rather weird. i don't know how much work i'm supposed to be getting i guess...first few days and only introductions have been made. things are looking up with my schedule allowing me to have some decent measure of sleep. and the time frames of my classes are relatively well placed. mwf is workable since i can tambay with mayor at mvp.

and so the second sem begins.

sidenote faculty day pala sa friday so i don't have my once a week promotions class...darn.

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