Monday, November 06, 2006

nov 3-4 overnight

after the nov 2 dota/cs session we leo kix jaundice and i trooped to howell's house for the traditional overnight. pictures, few as they may be are here.

it was fun, rather boring though since there wasn't a lot of activitiy going on. dota the whole time. we didn't get to watch v for vendetta. too bad. we didn't have sunset stuff either. no philosophical discussions or reminiscing. just joke time the whole time, seriously howell and leo, that celphone thing is gonna bite you in the ass one of these days. some poker and billiards only. nothing much. well i think i'm still at a random success rate in billiards, given of course the nature of the law of physics defying table of howell. i did however pocket 3 balls in one shot. that's right, and the cue ball wasn't one of them LOL. 2 of the 3 weren't mine though haha but still, 3 in a go. you can never beat that leonard! nyarnyarnyar, it trumps your trickshot! which is pretty cool, he pockets too balls in one shot, the cue ball hits one ball a the right corner pocket then with that momentum pockets the other ball in the left corner pocket cool stuff.

i woke up at nov 4 for the birthday gimik and left at around 8:30, leaving my things. when i came back at around 6:30 to pick up my things...lo and behold. jaundice and kix were on the pc...dota and leonard and howell were ASLEEP. makes you wonder what they all did while i was out. needless to say, we stayed for one more day. pizza, yellowcab again haha. oh and howell owes leonard pizza yey lahat kami nayari na sa mga katangahang bets. haha.

we'll see when we'll meet again. hopefully this week to watch the prestige and avail of that pizza.

then i'll probably right my movie reviews.

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